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Game Version: 9.0.1 +1
Total Downloads: 1,209
Updated: Oct 14, 2020
Created: Jul 31, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v1.2 release 255.91 KB Oct 14, 2020 9.0.1 +1 54 download Adblock v1.2 releaseDownload
v1.1.2 release 248.00 KB Aug 12, 2020 1.13.5 +1 459 download Adblock v1.1.2 releaseDownload
v1.1.1 release 247.91 KB Aug 11, 2020 1.13.5 +1 32 download Adblock v1.1.1 releaseDownload
v1.1 release 248.10 KB Aug 11, 2020 1.13.5 +1 20 download Adblock v1.1 releaseDownload
v1.0.1 release 246.73 KB Aug 6, 2020 1.13.5 +1 204 download Adblock v1.0.1 releaseDownload
v0.9.1 release 237.43 KB Aug 6, 2020 1.13.5 +1 92 download Adblock v0.9.1 releaseDownload
v0.9 release 237.65 KB Aug 5, 2020 1.13.5 +1 47 download Adblock v0.9 releaseDownload
v0.8.1 release 237.24 KB Aug 5, 2020 1.13.5 +1 32 download Adblock v0.8.1 releaseDownload
v0.8 release 266.68 KB Aug 5, 2020 8.3.0 18 download Adblock v0.8 releaseDownload
v0.7 release 163.17 KB Aug 4, 2020 1.13.5 +1 76 download Adblock v0.7 releaseDownload
v0.6 release 163.35 KB Aug 4, 2020 8.3.0 55 download Adblock v0.6 releaseDownload
v0.5 release 162.49 KB Aug 4, 2020 8.3.0 23 download Adblock v0.5 releaseDownload
v0.4 release 160.49 KB Aug 4, 2020 8.3.0 49 download Adblock v0.4 releaseDownload
v0.3 release 160.68 KB Aug 4, 2020 8.3.0 11 download Adblock v0.3 releaseDownload
v0.1 release 6.25 KB Jul 31, 2020 8.3.0 27 download Adblock v0.1 releaseDownload
1.0.2-alpha alpha 246.78 KB Aug 11, 2020 8.3.0 5 download Adblock 1.0.2-alpha alphaDownload



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World of Warcraft is turning like the rest of the internet, full of Boosting messages in chat, whispers, LFG tool, etc. As Blizzard is not doing anything about it, let's filter the clutter ourselves!


Current features:


  • Automatically block messages sent more than once from the same user within defined timeframe (default 5 min) in Say/Yell/Whisper and all official WoW channels (General, Trade, LocalDefense, WorldDefense, LookingForGroup, GuildRecruitment)
  • Adblock aka Proactive mode: Aggressively blocks obvious boosting messages from the first occurence
  • Blacklist users to be permanently filtered out of your chat
  • Whitelist users to always be allowed (automatically done for friends and guildies)
  • Audit mode: Try out AdBlock to see what it would block without actually blocking anything
  • Autoblock mode: adds to the permanent blocklist repeating offenders
  • Show how many messages were blocked this session/overall
  • Block history: Show the last blocked message by AdBlock (default to last 50)


Recommended usage

  • type "adblock:test" in the /s and make sure the adon works
  • Type /ab and start fine-tuning the AdBlock to your taste
  • Start in Audit to make sure it would not block messages you would like to keep
  • If you're a bit scared of blocking important stuff:

  • Activate "Audit" mode to make sure it would not block messages you would like to keep

  • Later, remove Audit and switch to Verbose to see when messages are being blocked
  • You can see blocked messages history at any time in the settings of via /ab history show
  • Finally, you can activate Auto-Blacklist to permanently mute players that repeatedly trigger Adblock

Planned features:

  • Translation of other locales
  • Some assisted mechanism to report biggest spammers
  • A surprise to try keeping spammers at bay 😉

How can I help?


  • Make translation for the other locales! It's very simple and does not require any coding skills. All you need to do is:
  • Download the file, make a copie of it and rename it with your own locale (see the list below)
    for example name your copie deDE.lua for German.
  • Open the document with any editor of your choice, Notepad is perfectly fine
  • Each entry to translate looks like this: L["My text"] = true
  • Just replace the word "true" by the translation in quotation marks
  • For example if I would translate the above line in French it would be L["My text"] = "Mon texte"
  • Make sure you follow the case, spacing and punctuation of the original text
  • You can then either make a "pull request" on github, or, if you have no idea what the heck is a pull request, just PM me the result over AddonsWoW and I'll credit you for the translation 🙂

Current localization status:

  • "frFR": French (France) – Done
  • "deDE": German (Germany)
  • "enUS": English (America) – Done
  • "itIT": Italian (Italy)
  • "koKR": Korean (Korea)
  • "zhCN": Chinese (China) (simplified)
  • "zhTW": Chinese (Taiwan) (traditional)
  • "ruRU": Russian (Russia) – Done, thanks to LordRomzessV!
  • "esES": Spanish (Spain)
  • "esMX": Spanish (Mexico)
  • "ptBR": Portuguese (Brazil)

Known bugs:


  • FIXED in 1.1: Keyword with accents or non-latin characters are now supported if the user untick the "Advanced filtering" option in the "Ad-Blocking Keywords" option panel
  • FIXED in 0.9: AdBlock is not playing well with Elvui's chat history for some reason
  • FIXED in 0.9: AdBlock is not handling multiple chatframes



Can't you also block Boosting ads in the LFG tool?: I wish I could, but blizzard does not allow addon to analyze group names and comment in the LFG tool… Please take the time to report them in-game as Blizzard do ban those guys! (source:


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