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Game Version: 10.0.5
Total Downloads: 43
Updated: Jan 29, 2023
Created: Jan 29, 2023
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This addon will start a countdown timer when you are getting close to being considered AFK. I have noticed that the timer isn’t in 5 minutes, I have had AFK notifications up to 8 minutes. So the 5 AFK notice is not a guarantee. It can happen anytime after the 5 minute mark.


Once you are close to being AFK (that’s a Blizzard event) a countdown timer will start. It will start at 10-0. Once it hits zero (0) your camera will slowly rotate around you. Everything will keep going, IE. people walking by, flying by, etc. Your toon will just be where you left it when you go AFK. It will continue to rotate around your toon indefinitely or until you move your toon. Once you move your toon everything returns to normal. If you go AFK again, the process will repeat itself.


This is a complete rewrite of the old addon.

Also keep in mind that this will not prevent you from being logged out of the game and sent to the log-in screen



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