WoW AlltheGold addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2023
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Game Version: 10.0.0
Total Downloads: 640
Updated: Oct 29, 2022
Created: Jul 31, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
AlltheGold 10.0 release 201.13 KB Oct 29, 2022 10.0.0 282 download AlltheGold AlltheGold 10.0 releaseDownload
AlltheGold 9.2.5. release 201.13 KB Jul 4, 2022 9.2.5 221 download AlltheGold AlltheGold 9.2.5. releaseDownload


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AlltheGold displays the total time played, rested XP and money for each of your WoW characters. It’s just a snapshot of the current state, no history, no stats. You can look at your total Gold and be proud (or sad ;-)).



AlltheGold is an edited version of All Played created by EricBeaudoin


Its modified to work on the latest WoW Patch as well as improved Gold tracking and to be used as a Characterwide/Serverwide Gold Tracking Addon.


I hold no responsibility if something breaks, smoke start coming off your computer or if there is a flood in your village. I’m also not responsible if your brain turns into oatmeal after looking at my code, but comments are welcome.


  • Show the money for each of your characters
  • Show the time played for each of your characters (optional)
  • Show the elapsed time since the last login (optional)
  • Show the total money per realm, per faction or for all your characters
  • Show the total time played per realm, per faction or for all your characters
  • LibDataBroker support
  • ClassColor support
  • Display the rested XP per character (optional)
  • Colorize the names based on the classes (optional)
  • Display the class names (optional)
  • Display the character item level (optional)
  • Display the running total of XP gained (optional)
  • Display the location of the characters (optional)
  • Display the guild names (optional)
  • Display the time remaining until a character if fully rested (optional)
  • Option to use graphics instead of text for money and currencies
  • Option to set the scale and the opacity of the tooltip display
  • Sort entries by name, level, experience, XP rested, % rested, money or time played (default by name)


Initial Setup

  • Install the addon in you Word of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\ directory. There are no dependencies.
  • Logon with each of your characters to populate the AlltheGold data.



Example Screenshot:



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