WoW Always Raiding addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2021
wow addon Always Raiding

Always Raiding

Game Version: 1.13.7
Total Downloads: 0
Updated: Jun 13, 2021
Created: Jun 13, 2021
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
AlwaysRaiding-1.0.0-Classic release 1.98 KB Jun 13, 2021 1.13.7 0 download Always Raiding AlwaysRaiding-1.0.0-Classic releaseDownload
AlwaysRaiding-1.0.0-ClassicTBC release 1.98 KB Jun 13, 2021 2.5.1 0 download Always Raiding AlwaysRaiding-1.0.0-ClassicTBC releaseDownload
AlwaysRaiding-1.0.0-Retail release 1.98 KB Jun 13, 2021 9.0.5 0 download Always Raiding AlwaysRaiding-1.0.0-Retail releaseDownload



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Always Raiding

Force Blizzards Compact Raid Frames to always show. If you want the default behaviour just disable the addon.

This addon can be handy for showing Raid Frames when solo, or just to quickly setup a new UI layout without having to join a party/raid.


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