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Game Version: 7.0.3
Total Downloads: 17,020
Updated: Aug 4, 2016
Created: Aug 4, 2016
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This plugin adds a new rule function to ArkInventory:

tsmvalue( )

This function compares the value of the item using a gold amount and a comparison operator that you specify. It uses the addon TradeSkillMaster (TSM) to get item value information. You will need to have TSM loaded in order for this addon to work.

It takes three arguments.

tsmvalue(comparison operator, gold value, price source)

  • comparison operator -> a string value that specifies the type of comparison to perform. Valid values are "GT", "GE", "LT", "LE", or "EQ". These mean "greater than", "greater than or equal", "less than", "less than or equal", or "equal", respectively.
  • gold value -> a string value that specifies the comparsion value in gold. Any valid gold value, formatted as a TSM-compatible money value string. Examples are "512g", "62g 30s 12c", "1000g 3c", etc.
  • price source -> a string that specifies the TSM price source to use as the comparison. This can be a standard TSM price source (which you can see in-game by typing "/tsm sources") or a custom price source that you create within TSM.

Example rule:

not soulbound() and type('armor','weapon') and tsmvalue("GT","750g","DBMarket")

This rule will find items in your bag that aren't soulbound, are either armor or weapons, and have a DBMarket value in TSM of greater than 750 gold.

Usage within ArkInventory

This custom function is used by Rules created within the ArkInventory addon. More information can be found here

This addon was inspired by the addon ArkInventoryRules_GoodForMe, and I reused a substantal portion of the code to make this addon. Nice work Somnioblivio


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