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wow addon Auto Stopwatch

Auto Stopwatch

Game Version: 7.2.5 +6
Total Downloads: 788
Updated: Jun 30, 2017
Created: Jun 30, 2017
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Automatically manage the in game stopwatch. This activates the stopwatch when you/the group enter combat. It stops when you die / the group wipes.


A stopwatch that automatically begins when you engage an encounter is one elegant way to start mastering how you personally time your ability usage within the constraints and demands of the boss fight.


Works in arena, battlegrounds, five man instances, raid instances, and in the open world.


Interface Options -> Auto Stopwatch


the ingame stopwatch can be toggled with /stopwatch  or via the clock 


Lovingly crafted by Melaar

Enjoyed by many within the blue B



PS if anything is non-functioning feel free to tell me how to correct it, I'm not the original addon author.


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