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Game Version: 7.3.0 +5
Total Downloads: 269
Updated: Sep 29, 2017
Created: Sep 25, 2017
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What it does
Allows you to set pet and mounts for a zone.

Why would you want it?
If you are into lore or immersion, as I am, you will appreciate the easy selection of a fitting pet and mounts for a zone.

I was inspired by the 'autopet' function of AltZ UI. The feature, (once fixed) would summon a random pet on fitting character events. The pet would be summoned from the full list or from the favorite list. Simple enough, but it became evident that some pets fitted better in one zone than in others.

I would also call on favorite mounts, but the idea struck me that this could be automated – why not let the game set my favorites depending on a zone?

Imagined use
1) you summon a pet
2) you mount
3) you use the command '/aaf' to get a little help from the GUI
4) you use one of the buttons in the dialog.
…) repeat

Whenever you enter a configured zone, your pet will be summoned.

For mounts, you will probably set up macro buttons with the functions '/aaf mount ground', '/aaf mount flying', and maybe '/aaf mount swimming'. These will summon your configured mounts or they will double as a 'summon favorite mount' button.

I will find the bugs first. 
The next idea for development is to reuse settings for a zone for an entire continent. So if you set your pet and mounts for 'Broken Shore', the setting would be used for all zones in 'Broken Isles' except where you have other settings. Maybe.


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