WoW AutoLoggerClassic addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2021
wow addon AutoLoggerClassic


Game Version: 1.13.6
Total Downloads: 16,171
Updated: Apr 16, 2021
Created: Sep 16, 2019
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download AutoLoggerClassic classic 1.13.6Download
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Earlier Versions

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v1.7-release release 23.59 KB Apr 16, 2021 1.13.6 1,268 download AutoLoggerClassic v1.7-release releaseDownload
v1.6-release release 23.57 KB Apr 13, 2021 1.13.6 1,083 download AutoLoggerClassic v1.6-release releaseDownload
v1.5-release release 23.61 KB Apr 13, 2021 1.13.6 223 download AutoLoggerClassic v1.5-release releaseDownload
v1.4-release release 23.54 KB Mar 26, 2021 1.13.6 2,464 download AutoLoggerClassic v1.4-release releaseDownload
v1.3-release release 23.54 KB Jul 8, 2020 1.13.5 4,502 download AutoLoggerClassic v1.3-release releaseDownload
v1.2-release release 23.55 KB May 28, 2020 1.13.4 2,622 download AutoLoggerClassic v1.2-release releaseDownload
v1.1-release release 23.71 KB Sep 25, 2019 1.13.2 3,840 download AutoLoggerClassic v1.1-release releaseDownload
v1.0-release release 24.28 KB Sep 16, 2019 1.13.2 166 download AutoLoggerClassic v1.0-release releaseDownload


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A World of Wacraft: Classic addon for automatically triggering combat logging on and off in raids.

If you notice any inaccuracies or bugs please create an issue on the GitHub page.

/alc and /autologgerclassic will open the config.

/alc minimap and /autologgerclassic minimap will toggle the minimap button on or off.


Configure in which raids to automatically combat log in the options. Enter said raid and you will automatically be combat logging (and be notified of it)! Make sure to enable advanced combat logging in System > Network.


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