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wow addon AutoWhisperInvite Classic

AutoWhisperInvite Classic

Game Version: 1.13.5
Total Downloads: 8
Updated: Aug 12, 2020
Created: Jul 29, 2020
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AutoWhisperInvite for Wow Classic

Auto Invite a player that whispers you with a specific keyword, up to six keywords may be used, only the keyword can be in the whisper.

You can set the addon values with slash commands or in the Interface Options Addons, AutoWhisperInvite panel.
You can add or remove a keyword.
Auto invites can be off, on with guild members only, on with guild members and friends, or on for everyone on server.
Auto convert to raid
You can hide all incoming whisper requests, and all outgoing whispers from this addon


Config Panel toggle on/off options are:

Auto: Turn on Auto invites
Friends: allow from friends list, if Auto invites on
All: allow invite whispers from anyone on server, if Auto invites on
Raid: if more than five party members auto convert to raid
Exact: exact keyword match, no other text in whisper.
Hide: invite whispers and addon outgoing whispers hidden

Slash Commands

show current state of addon.

/awi add keyword
add invite_keyword

/awi all
toggle on/off whisper invites from all server players, if auto is on.

/awi auto
toggle on/off auto invite from whispers.

/awi config
show config panel.

/awi exact
toggle on/off exact match for keyword and no other text, or any text plus keyword.

/awi friends

toggle on/off whisper invites from friends list, if auto is on .

/awi help
show commands.

/awi hide
toggle hide/show whispers from senders and outgoing whispers from this addon.

/awi list
list invite keywords.

/awi raid
toggle on/off auto convert to raid when members exceed five.

/awi remove keyword
remove invite_keyword



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