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Avoid the Inevitable

Game Version: 6.2.4
Total Downloads: 559
Updated: May 21, 2016
Created: May 21, 2016
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AvoidTheInevitable-1.0 release 109.89 KB May 21, 2016 6.2.4 559 download Avoid the Inevitable AvoidTheInevitable-1.0 releaseDownload



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Avoid the Inevitable

Tired of having to dismiss the bonus roll each time you kill a Mythic Dungeon boss ?

Avoid the Inevitable takes care of that for you. Just install it and choose a mode for each instance type and difficulty, and you won't be annoyed again, regardless of the raid tier or currency used for the roll.

The addon currently has 3 modes for each instance type/difficulty :

  • Show : the bonus roll frame is shown (the addon is basically disabled)
  • Hide : the bonus roll frame is hidden BUT the roll itself is still there. You can either show the frame again using /avoid show, cancel it permanently using /avoid cancel or just let the roll expire.
  • Cancel : the roll is cancelled permanently, without any frame ever poping

These modes are individually set for each instance type and difficulty among :

  • Dungeons – Mythic Difficulty
  • Raids – LFR Difficulty
  • Raids – Normal Difficulty
  • Raids – Heroic Difficulty
  • Raids – Mythic Difficulty
  • Others (world bosses…)

Chat commands :

  • /avoid show : show the current roll frame if it has been hidden ("hide" mode)
  • /avoid cancel : cancel the current roll permanently
  • /avoid or /avoid config : show the addon configuration panel (also present in Blizzard Interface Options UI)


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