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Axiom Raid Tools

Game Version: 9.0.2
Total Downloads: 15
Updated: Jan 5, 2021
Created: Jan 5, 2021
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This addon exists to make a raid leader's life just a bit easier.


How to Use
Open spreadsheet with /axiom.
Open loot results window with /axiom loots. It will also pop-up upon the defeat/death of a encounter/death.


With the loot results window open, check the items you want to announce for roll, and then click "Announce". All the items will be linked to /rw. To open rolls for main spec, click the "MS" button. The first item you have checked will be put up for rolls. Click "5" to begin a 5 second countdown to end rolls. Click "OS" and "TM" to do the same for off spec and transmog respectively. Once the item has been rolled for, uncheck it, and click either "MS," "OS," or "TM" to begin again with the next item. The topmost checkmark will always be the item put up for rolls, so when rolls for an item finish, you can uncheck it and move onto the next.


The loot results window only shows gear/weapons/trinkets. It does not show conduits, anima, or legendary memories.


Current Features
20×4 Spreadsheet allowing for 20 characters and values for number of MS, OS, and TMOG items received for one raid lockout.

Window appears when boss is killed that lists which raid members received what loot.
Announce button auto-links to raid warning which items are up for rolls.
Announce to raid to begin rolling for current item.
Button to begin final countdown for rolls.
Collect rolls and display winner in GUI.


Check with spreadsheet to determine winner after number of items received.
Auto-update loot sheet.
Global stats for <Axiom> raiders.
Ready check shows players missing food buff, flask, etc.


Please email me at or leave a comment to report a bug or give feedback.


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