wow addon Bagnon ItemInfo

Bagnon ItemInfo

Game Version: 8.2.0
Total Downloads: 23,160
Updated: Jul 2, 2019
Created: Feb 27, 2019

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.0.9-Release release 5.72 KB Jul 2, 2019 8.2.0 6,139 download Bagnon ItemInfo 1.0.9-Release releaseDownload
1.0.8-Release release 5.72 KB Apr 29, 2019 8.1.5 8,662 download Bagnon ItemInfo 1.0.8-Release releaseDownload
1.0.7-Release release 5.63 KB Mar 29, 2019 8.1.5 3,757 download Bagnon ItemInfo 1.0.7-Release releaseDownload
1.0.6-Release release 5.62 KB Mar 1, 2019 8.1.0 4,060 download Bagnon ItemInfo 1.0.6-Release releaseDownload
1.0.5-Release release 5.02 KB Feb 28, 2019 8.1.0 248 download Bagnon ItemInfo 1.0.5-Release releaseDownload
1.0.4-Release release 5.12 KB Feb 28, 2019 8.1.0 21 download Bagnon ItemInfo 1.0.4-Release releaseDownload
1.0.3-Release release 5.11 KB Feb 28, 2019 8.1.0 37 download Bagnon ItemInfo 1.0.3-Release releaseDownload
1.0.2-Release release 4.61 KB Feb 27, 2019 8.1.0 207 download Bagnon ItemInfo 1.0.2-Release releaseDownload
1.0.1-Release release 4.62 KB Feb 27, 2019 8.1.0 9 download Bagnon ItemInfo 1.0.1-Release releaseDownload
1.0.0-Release release 4.63 KB Feb 27, 2019 8.1.0 11 download Bagnon ItemInfo 1.0.0-Release releaseDownload
1.0.0-Alpha alpha 4.96 KB Feb 27, 2019 8.1.0 9 download Bagnon ItemInfo 1.0.0-Alpha alphaDownload


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This is a simple plugin for the addon Bagnon that shows the item level of your equipable gear, bind status of items, a purple eye on uncollected transmog appearances and desaturates and tones down vendor garbage.

This addon does the same as our four separate plugins Bagnon ItemLevel, Bagnon BoE, Bagnon Garbage and Bagnon Uncollected combined, but without the extra overhead of multiple post updates on every single container button. All is combined into a singule update, and provides all the information through a single addon with no more updates then needed to keep the performance as high as possible.

If you don't wish to use all of the features, you can toggle them individually with the commands listed below. The settings are saved globally for all your characters.

Chat Commands

  • /bif enable itemlevel – Enable the itemlevel display.
  • /bif disable itemlevel – Disable the itemlevel display.
  • /bif enable boe – Enable the BoE/BoU display.
  • /bif disable boe – Disable the BoE/BoU display.
  • /bif enable garbage – Enable the garbage desaturation.
  • /bif disable garbage – Disable the garbage desaturation.
  • /bif enable uncollected – Enable the uncollected appearance eye.
  • /bif disable uncollected – Disable the uncollected appearance eye.

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