WoW BankGUI addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2023
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Game Version: 6.0.2 +2
Total Downloads: 6,252
Updated: Sep 23, 2014
Created: Mar 24, 2008
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
BankGUI v2.3 release 32.05 KB Sep 23, 2014 6.0.2 +2 2,895 download BankGUI BankGUI v2.3 releaseDownload
BankGui v2.3 release 31.79 KB Sep 15, 2013 5.4.0 1,287 download BankGUI BankGui v2.3 releaseDownload
BankGui 2.3 release 31.79 KB Jun 2, 2013 5.3.0 740 download BankGUI BankGui 2.3 releaseDownload
BankGUI v2.3 release 31.79 KB Apr 14, 2013 5.2.0 501 download BankGUI BankGUI v2.3 releaseDownload
BankGUI v2.3 release 31.75 KB Dec 3, 2012 5.1.0 829 download BankGUI BankGUI v2.3 releaseDownload



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This addon keeps track of all your items in your bank / bags / equiped and all your tradeskill items in your tradeskill windows for all your characters (per realm & per account).
The items ( bank / bag / equiped ) get updated only when you open your Bank. Tradeskills get updated everytime you open a tradeskill window (this includes Cooking etcetera).
To view the list, goto social (O), then click the "Bank" tab at the bottomright of the social window. In this BankList window you can click a single item to get detailed information, or filter the list by selecting a character from the dropdown list, or type a searchtext to show only those items.
You'r characters will get added to the dropdown list once you have logged onto them.

Now also supports Guildbank items. When you open the guild bank, items will get added. Click the Guild checkbox to change to Guild item list. Character dropdown will now be Guild dropdown. Item type dropdown (items, tradeskills, everything) will be disabled as there are no tradeskills in Guildbank. Total gold will now be Gold per guild.


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