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Battleground Bang

Game Version: 6.0.2
Total Downloads: 11,879
Updated: Oct 17, 2014
Created: Feb 24, 2010
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Battleground Bang v1.1.3 release 12.83 KB Oct 17, 2014 6.0.2 3,430 download Battleground Bang Battleground Bang v1.1.3 releaseDownload
Battleground Bang v1.1.2 release 2.70 KB Oct 16, 2014 6.0.2 53 download Battleground Bang Battleground Bang v1.1.2 releaseDownload
Battleground Bang v1.1 release 10.58 KB Nov 17, 2013 5.4.1 1,027 download Battleground Bang Battleground Bang v1.1 releaseDownload
Battleground Bang v1.0b release 10.49 KB Dec 26, 2010 4.0.6 4,332 download Battleground Bang Battleground Bang v1.0b releaseDownload
Battleground Bang v1.0a release 10.46 KB Oct 19, 2010 4.0.1 1,128 download Battleground Bang Battleground Bang v1.0a releaseDownload
Battleground Bang v1.0 release 10.39 KB Feb 25, 2010 3.3.0 1,909 download Battleground Bang Battleground Bang v1.0 releaseDownload


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BGBang by Natch

Ever missed a battleground queue because you were surfing and had WoW in the background? No more! This addon will unmute sound (if muted) and play a sound when the battleground queue accept window pops up (even when backgrounded.)

There are a few configuration options for controlling the volume of the playback, have a look in BGBang.lua for details.

The included bang sound is quite annoying and noticeable, you have been warned.

4.0.1 patch update:
I have removed the ability to set your own soundfile in the configuration
until I can find a clean solution to a certain problem. If you really want
your own however you can still muck around in the code or overwrite bang.mp3.

6.0.2 patch notes:
It seems Blizzard broke PlaySoundFile() so only ogg files are working at the


Q: Will it re-mute (if originally muted) my sound after playing the sound?
A: Of course.

Q: Will it disable background sound playback (if disabled before) after playing the sound?
A: Indeed.

Q: Will it set my volume to what I had before if I enable loudness?
A: Aye.

Q: Does it work with Wintergrasp as well?
A: Yep.

Q: How many battleground queues have you missed since you wrote this addon?
A: None!

Q: Is there a similar addon for Dungeon Finder queues?
A: There is indeed. You can find it here.

Q: Background sound doesn't work!/Doesn't work when I'm tabbed out!
A: There seems to be an issue where addons cannot enable background sound, so you have to do that manually unfortunately. I've tried to fix it but nothing works. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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