WoW BidIt Server addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2021
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BidIt Server

Game Version: 1.13.6
Total Downloads: 20
Updated: Apr 11, 2021
Created: Apr 11, 2021
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BidItServer-0.3.2 release 272.99 KB Apr 11, 2021 1.13.6 20 download BidIt Server BidItServer-0.3.2 releaseDownload


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This addon is a gdkp auction tool. It allows you to process biddings on loots.
The client ( provides raiders a user friendly UI to show auction status (Top bidder, time left, etc)


/bidstart channel – open a new session in the designed channel. If no channel, the raid chat will be used
/bidstop – close a session
/bid [item] – create a new bid using default settings
/bid [item] 30g 30s – create a new bid, starting at 30g with a wait time of 30 seconds
/bid [item] x10 1g – create a new bid of a stack of 10, starting at 1g
/bidcancel – cancel current bid
/bidconfig time 60 – set default bid duration to 60s
/bidconfig min 150 – set default starting bid to 150 gold


Original work from Guupta-Sulfuron (


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