WoW BigWigs Voicepack Vulpera by WoweePaw addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon BigWigs Voicepack Vulpera by WoweePaw

BigWigs Voicepack Vulpera by WoweePaw

Game Version: 10.0.2
Total Downloads: 1,263
Updated: Jan 6, 2023
Created: Dec 12, 2022
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 9.81 MB Jan 6, 2023 10.0.2 731 download BigWigs Voicepack Vulpera by WoweePaw releaseDownload release 9.08 MB Jan 5, 2023 10.0.2 115 download BigWigs Voicepack Vulpera by WoweePaw releaseDownload release 9.09 MB Jan 4, 2023 10.0.2 101 download BigWigs Voicepack Vulpera by WoweePaw releaseDownload release 8.28 MB Jan 2, 2023 10.0.2 103 download BigWigs Voicepack Vulpera by WoweePaw releaseDownload release 7.19 MB Dec 22, 2022 10.0.2 129 download BigWigs Voicepack Vulpera by WoweePaw releaseDownload release 5.44 MB Dec 19, 2022 10.0.2 71 download BigWigs Voicepack Vulpera by WoweePaw releaseDownload


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I'm super sorry that there is no current update with all the Sounds for current Timewalks. Unfortunately, my computer is currently making many problems in various areas what it currently also does not allow me to play the game locally (thank you Blizzard that you are not in the cloud, would have me and many others at least gave access to play the games... but what do I know :P). I am therefore forced to pause recordings for the voicepack and for the time being. I will continue with the recording of new sounds when everything is up and running again and I could set aside the necessary money for new parts so that I can deliver the quality you already find in the pack or even better.

>1000 Downloads on 02/05/2023 or 05.02.2023 ! <3
>500 Downloads on 01/05/2023 or 05.01.2023 ! Thank you so much. UwU



And welcome to my Vulpera-Fox-ish Voicepack for BigWigs Bossmods !


This voice pack is oriented on the original voice of the male (enUS) Vulpera. I tried to get as close as possible to the original but also with my own touch. Some of you, maybe, already know my other Vulpera Voicepack for Deadly Boss Mods.

I’ll update THIS Project based on Content e.g. Expansion > Dungeons > Raids which means I’ll look for the latest expansion Voicelines first, then I’ll check what needs to be done for Dungeons first (as they’re more likely to be visited first ;)) and then I’ll keep on doing the Raids. An Expansion is considered “finished” if all voicelines exists e.g. Dungeons & Raids! You can check the Process in the Spoiler below.


I wish you a lot of fun with this package, in World of Warcraft, and if you like please do leave a comment, recommend it to your foxy Friends or press the follow button on my Twitch channel. :3


Content Status

Dragonflight (completed, so far)
  • Dragonflight Dungeons (100%)
  • Ruby Life Pools (100%)
  • The Nokhud Offensive (100%)
  • Brackenhide Hollow (100%)
  • Neltharus (100%) – Sounds for Trash not available yet!
  • Halls of Infusion (100%)
  • Algeth’ar Academy (100%)
  • The Azure Vault (100%)
  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr (100%)
  • Dragonflight Raids (100%)
    • Vault of the Incarnates (100%)
Shadowlands (started)
  • Shadowlands Dungeons (0%)
  • De Other Side (0%)
  • Halls of Atonement (0%)
  • Mists of Tirna Scithe (0%)
  • Plaguefall (0%)
  • Sanguine Depths (0%)
  • Spires of Ascension (0%)
  • The Necrotic Wake (0%)
  • Theater of Pain (0%)
  • Tazavesh the Veiled Market (0%)
  • Shadowlands Raids (0%)
  • Castle Nathria (0%)
  • Sanctum of Domination (0%)
  • Sepulcher of the First Ones (0%)
Warlords of Draenor (50%)
  • Warlords of Draenor Dungeons (100%)
  • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (100%)
  • Grimrail Depot (100%)
  • Iron Docks (100%)
  • Bloodmaul Slag Mines (100%)
  • Auchindoun (100%)
  • The Everbloom (100%)
  • Skyreach (100%)
  • Warlords of Draenor Raids (0%)



The Pack contains some extra Sounds for Victory’s, Defeatings and for Countings. Feel free to choose what you’d like. I don’t add a %-showing here as this will probably change over time, gets new stuff added at random or I do rework whatever needs to get reworked. Nothing else to tell you here… 🙂


My Other Addons

To unleash even more Vulperan Power in your World of Warcraft Clients

  • DBM Voicepack Vulpera
  • Vulpera Experience


How to Install 

1. Download the Pack

2. Unpack the Pack in your Addons Folder next to all the BigWigs Folders you have there (e.g. BigWigs_Core, Example Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns)

3. Open the Game

4. Do /bigwigs in Chat or click the Icon on your Minimap to open the BigWigs Settings

5. Head to the ‘Sounds’, ‘Countdown’, ‘Victory’ and ‘Defeat’ Option(s)

6. Select the ‘Vulpera by ttv/WoweePaw’ Voicepack for spoken Alerts of your choice.

7. Done! :3



Q: Are those the original Voicelines? 

No. I recorded all those Lines on my own to make sure it’s a fitting experience and to make sure they’re always usuable on Streams even if, for whatever reason, someone drops their contract with Blizzard and/or if Licenses end. Also, obviously, I can record the lines easier because the voice remains identical. UwU


Q: Am I allowed to use the Sound files for other… purposes?

Sure thing, as long as it’s no other Voicepack here on Curse and/or it’s in a non-commercial use (except Twitch Streams or YouTube Content Creation)Please do give credit and put down a link back to this Voicepack and/or my Twitch Channel if you do so.
Uhm… and please nothing sexual, thanksies. x) 

To say it in “lawyer”: personal-use only, commercial-use not allowed! (except Twitch/YouTube Content)

Examples of what you CAN do:

– Use the Sounds in a Soundboard on your Twitch/YouTube Streams/Videos.
(Or in general in your Streams)

– Use the Sounds in another Addon e.g. to replace their Sounds with a fitting one of my Voicepack.

– Use the Sounds as a placeholder or whatever they’re fitting for in a personal, non-downloadable, non-shareable, non-commercial project.

Examples of what you CAN’T do:

– Use the Sounds in a commercial product of any kind.

– Reupload the Sounds on Curse, in another Voicepack, and/or similar sites
(e.g. self hosted Addon Downloaders; exceptions for the Curse API are given tho)

– Use the Sounds in a commercial YouTube Video (or similar sites) without giving credit.


Q: Could you update the Package, please?

I’m on it. Probably. Just give me some time to record the new lines as it takes time to make them fit into the package and a lot of coffee.


Q: Are there any Plans for other Addons?

I already did a Version for DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) which you can find here.


Some Audio Examples can be heard if you click the Speaker-Icon at the top of this Description. 😉 


You have more Questions? Let me know in the Comments below, ask on Stream or dunno … add me on I guess? 😛

I’m the one and only original WoweePaw on Frostwolf EU!  

Feel free to Support me on Ko-Fi (PayPal)


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