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Game Version: 6.2.3
Total Downloads: 1,311
Updated: Dec 11, 2015
Created: Nov 30, 2015
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v6.3.2-1.3.1 +1 More release 49.66 KB Dec 11, 2015 6.2.3 884 download Boing v6.3.2-1.3.1

+1 More releaseDownload
v6.3.2-1.3 +1 More release 47.10 KB Dec 11, 2015 6.2.3 64 download Boing v6.3.2-1.3

+1 More releaseDownload
v6.3.2-1.2 +1 More release 108.39 KB Dec 9, 2015 6.2.3 69 download Boing v6.3.2-1.2

+1 More releaseDownload
v1.1.0 +1 More release 108.38 KB Dec 6, 2015 6.2.3 56 download Boing v1.1.0

+1 More releaseDownload
Boing-v1.0.0 release 101.15 KB Nov 30, 2015 6.2.3 83 download Boing Boing-v1.0.0 releaseDownload


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Boing* is modeled after JumpingSound which plays a sound whenever you jump. Unfortunately JumpSound would play the sound even when you weren't jumping, e.g. Swimming, flying, falling. I therefore set out to correct those problems and extended Boing to record how many times you've jumped per character, realm, and account.

I approached Suitic to see if we could update his project or start a new one. He elected to give me permission to upload the addon as a new project. The JumpingSound that Boing uses is originally from his addon.


  • Plays a sound whenever you jump
  • Keeps track of how many jumps you've done per character, realm, and account.
  • LibDataBroker-1.1 integration – Shows current session jumps with the ability to view all stats in the tooltip.

Planned Features

  • Reset jumps per character, realm, account
  • Ability to pick sound from the sound folder
  • Full Configuration Menu.


The version for Boing is going to look a bit weird. Taking a page out of another Addon Author's book, The version will be a combination of the wow version this addon was tested under as well as the addon's version. It will look a little something like this:

  • v6.3.2-1.2

Which roughly translates into the following:

  • WoW Verison: 6.3.2
  • Boing Version: 1.2

I also follow the following version standard for my version number, <Major>.<Minor>.<Hotfix> where:

  • Major means there was an API Breaking major change
  • Minor means there was a backwards compatible change
  • Hotfix is a patch to fix a critical issue that can not wait for a release build.

*Not related to Boing which is a combat addon that has been abandoned.


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