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Boss Mod Nameplates

Game Version: 7.1.5
Total Downloads: 4,679
Updated: Mar 11, 2017
Created: Feb 12, 2017
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.2.3-release release 101.71 KB Mar 11, 2017 7.1.5 2,868 download Boss Mod Nameplates 1.2.3-release releaseDownload
1.2.2-release release 101.66 KB Mar 2, 2017 7.1.5 446 download Boss Mod Nameplates 1.2.2-release releaseDownload
1.1.4 release 100.48 KB Feb 26, 2017 7.1.5 348 download Boss Mod Nameplates 1.1.4 releaseDownload
1.1.3 release 100.43 KB Feb 24, 2017 7.1.5 241 download Boss Mod Nameplates 1.1.3 releaseDownload
1.1.2 release 100.35 KB Feb 19, 2017 7.1.5 298 download Boss Mod Nameplates 1.1.2 releaseDownload
1.0.1 release 97.19 KB Feb 17, 2017 7.1.5 194 download Boss Mod Nameplates 1.0.1 releaseDownload
1.0.0 release 96.73 KB Feb 15, 2017 7.1.5 143 download Boss Mod Nameplates 1.0.0 releaseDownload
1.2.1-beta beta 101.75 KB Mar 1, 2017 7.1.5 48 download Boss Mod Nameplates 1.2.1-beta betaDownload
1.2.0-beta beta 101.62 KB Feb 26, 2017 7.1.5 45 download Boss Mod Nameplates 1.2.0-beta betaDownload
1.1.1 alpha 100.35 KB Feb 19, 2017 7.1.5 20 download Boss Mod Nameplates 1.1.1 alphaDownload
1.1.0 alpha 100.86 KB Feb 18, 2017 7.1.5 28 download Boss Mod Nameplates 1.1.0 alphaDownload



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Boss Mod Nameplates enhances your nameplates addon in adding the support of popular Boss Mod (BigWigs and DBM).

Installation : Dependencies Needed :

The dependencies are not included in the packages downloaded directly from Curse website.

You have two solutions at this issue :

  • Install manually the following dependencies : PLoop and Scorpio .
  • Or download it from Curse.App because they are automatically installed with the addon.

How it works ? 

The boss mods like BigWigs and DBM can give instructions to your nameplates addon to ask if it could display or hide a specific aura on nameplates given. In order this feature works, your nameplates addon must support it. If this isn't the case, don't worry, this is where Boss Mod Nameplates comes in, handling the display part instead of your nameplates addon so you see the icons asked by your boss mod.

Take note that Boss Mod Nameplates isn't here to replace your nameplate addons but can be considered as extension of this last. By example, from my side, my nameplates are handled by : Tidy Plates as main nameplates addon and Boss Mod Nameplates for the boss mods & WeakAuras part.

 Slash Commands

  • "/bmn config" : Open the config window to do your settings.
  • "/bmn configmode" : Toggle the config mode to help you to do your settings.
  • "/bmn scorpio" : Return the scorpio version you have (If you meet a problem, thank to give it also).


Q: I have BigWigs but i don't see any difference ?

BigWigs has implemented recently this feature, check if you have well a recent version. 

Q: What are the nameplate supported ?

The addon should work with any nameplates addons (Blizzard nameplates included).

Here is a list with the nameplate tested :

  • Blizzard Nameplate
  • Tidy Plates
  • ElvUI Nameplates


  • Special thank to kurapica to have done : PLoop and Scorpio and also for his help and advises.


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