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Broker_Group Reborn

Game Version: 1.14.0
Total Downloads: 361
Updated: Nov 7, 2021
Created: Aug 29, 2021
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for Classic BC
Earlier Versions

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v2.17-release-classic release 128.27 KB Nov 7, 2021 1.14.0 0 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.17-release-classic releaseDownload
v2.17-release-bcc release 128.27 KB Nov 7, 2021 2.5.2 0 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.17-release-bcc releaseDownload
v2.17-release release 126.43 KB Nov 7, 2021 9.1.5 0 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.17-release releaseDownload
v2.16-release-classic release 128.24 KB Nov 5, 2021 1.14.0 6 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.16-release-classic releaseDownload
v2.16-release-bcc release 128.23 KB Nov 5, 2021 2.5.2 22 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.16-release-bcc releaseDownload
v2.16-release release 126.39 KB Nov 5, 2021 9.1.5 16 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.16-release releaseDownload
v2.15-release-classic release 128.24 KB Nov 2, 2021 1.14.0 8 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.15-release-classic releaseDownload
v2.15-release-bcc release 128.24 KB Nov 2, 2021 2.5.2 22 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.15-release-bcc releaseDownload
v2.15-release release 126.39 KB Nov 2, 2021 9.1.0 18 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.15-release releaseDownload
v2.14-release-classic release 128.38 KB Oct 31, 2021 1.14.0 0 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.14-release-classic releaseDownload
v2.14-release-bcc release 128.38 KB Oct 31, 2021 2.5.2 21 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.14-release-bcc releaseDownload
v2.14-release release 126.53 KB Oct 31, 2021 9.1.0 13 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.14-release releaseDownload
v2.13-release-classic release 126.49 KB Oct 27, 2021 1.14.0 3 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.13-release-classic releaseDownload
v2.13-release-bcc release 126.49 KB Oct 27, 2021 2.5.2 10 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.13-release-bcc releaseDownload
v2.13-release release 124.59 KB Oct 27, 2021 9.1.0 6 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.13-release releaseDownload
v2.12-release-classic release 126.31 KB Oct 27, 2021 1.14.0 6 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.12-release-classic releaseDownload
v2.21-release-bcc release 126.30 KB Oct 27, 2021 2.5.2 12 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.21-release-bcc releaseDownload
v2.12-release release 124.40 KB Oct 27, 2021 9.1.0 5 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.12-release releaseDownload
v2.11-release-classic release 126.83 KB Aug 29, 2021 1.13.7 50 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.11-release-classic releaseDownload
v2.11-release-bcc release 126.83 KB Aug 29, 2021 2.5.1 69 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.11-release-bcc releaseDownload
v2.11-release release 124.93 KB Aug 29, 2021 9.1.0 74 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.11-release releaseDownload
v2.10-release-nolib release 26.08 KB Aug 29, 2021 5.2.0 0 download Broker_Group Reborn v2.10-release-nolib releaseDownload



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What is it?


Broker_Group Reborn is an Ace3/LibDataBroker “conversion” of the popular GroupFu by Rabbit that adds group management functions, loot method/specialization, instance difficulty detection and roll management. Broker_Group Reborn does not provide it’s own display, you will need a LDB-based display addon, such as ButtonBin, StatBlockCore, Bazooka and TitanPanel etc.

This is the continuation of the addon “Broker Group” originally maintained by _ForgeUser94387 (owner) and FireAllianceNX (maintainer): Broker Group – Addons – World of Warcraft – AddonsWoW (last version v2.10-Release-nolib from Mar 6, 2013)




Broker_Group Reborn will normally show the group looting type/specialization and instance difficulty unless there is a roll in progress, at which point it will announce the winner after X seconds of delay.


How to use it:


Left-Clicking on the plugin will cause it to perform a standard roll.

Shift + Left-Click will clear the last roll.

Ctrl + Left-Click will announce the winner to the output channel of your choice (Say, Party, Raid, Guild) or locally (only to you).

People can write ‘pass’ to pass on the roll.

Right-Clicking on the plugin will show the configuration menu, where you will be presented with some standard group options plus output channel selection, roll delay, instance difficulty setting, random loot passing, etc.


Special Thanks:


Credit goes to the original author Rabbit and Tristanian who made this possible, also to srshyu and FireAllianceNX.

Thanks to blueabyss25 for French (frFR) Translation.

Thanks to xevilgrin and X-buZZ for German (deDE) Translation.

Thanks to yuk6196 for Korean (koKR) Translation.

All those who helped with debugging.


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