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Game Version: 9.1.5
Total Downloads: 15
Updated: Sep 5, 2021
Created: Sep 5, 2021
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This is a tribute to the amazing work done by Forge_User_70948567 on the original Broker Portals addon,

It was long abandoned and although reaching out to the owner there is no response.

So this is a continuation of that work bringing it upto date with all the latest changed for the game.

If you have any suggestions or ideas please leave them in the comment, but please be understanding I am not a coder, just trying to maintain this addon.


PLEASE note I will never take any profit or benefits from this addon I just want it to work.


Description from the original owner:


Why would you have actionbars filled with portals, or open your spell book every time you cast a portal?

Just right click on icon or minimap button and you can access all portals so comfortably.

It is designed as DataBroker plug-in, that lets you access all portal and teleport spells from one spot.

Addon will be attached to minimap by default, but if you want to move/customize it, you will have to install additional addon like TitanPanel.


All mage portals, hearthstone and teleporting items available from simple dropdown menu

Minimap button, so you don’t have to install any additional addon

Hearthstone location and cooldown in tooltip

Reagent count in tooltip If hearthstone is on cooldown, Scroll of Recall will be used instead if possible

Can announce, that you’re casting a portal



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