WoW Broker_WQ_Dashboard addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
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Game Version: 10.0.2
Total Downloads: 139
Updated: Dec 4, 2022
Created: Dec 2, 2022
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Earlier Versions

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Broker WQ Dashboard 1.0.0 release 30.88 KB Dec 4, 2022 10.0.2 139 download Broker_WQ_Dashboard Broker WQ Dashboard 1.0.0 releaseDownload


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This addon allows you to see every single world quest for the entire expansion in one place. To work, it requires addon like Broker Everything to be installed.


This is updated version of :Broker_WorldQuests (support for the addon ended at launch of Shadowlands)


Supported Expansions:

  • Legion
  • Battle For Azeroth
  • Shadowlands
  • Dragonflight



  • Displaying every single world quest available for given expansion while hovering over data broker block
  • Displaying time remaining of every single world quest along with it’s rewards
  • Sorting quests by time left instead of reward type
  • New quests will be marked for 15 minutes upon being available
  • Reputation/Renown progress bars
  • Emissary/Bounty indicators along with progress
  • Clicking a quest will give you a directions arrow (if you use TomTom)


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