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Game Version: 8.2.0
Total Downloads: 227
Updated: Aug 17, 2019
Created: Jul 29, 2019
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CABSkin V. 1.1

What is CABSkin? : (Customized ActionBar Skin: Formally known as BTex created by Tiggy)
⦁ CABSkin is a very lightweight addon for World Of Warcraft providing Background texture at the bottom of the screen.
⦁ It contains a package of pre-made skins, a simple menu for settings skins, texture height,width,transparency,colors, positions, viewport,etc ..
⦁ Low memory usage & standalone addon (no libs or dependency are needed)

⦁ ALL previous original and custom Btex skins are 100% usable with this addon. You can find more at wowinterface (Type Btex skin in the search field)


What does it do? :
⦁ Places a texture of your choice on the bottom of the screen via menu options (use /CABSkin or /CABSkin menu),
⦁ Set height/width/transparency/position/colors/layer of your texture
⦁ Use any other TGA/BLP texture file or any other 'pack' of skin
⦁ Display a grid to setup your interface correctly
⦁ Modify the 3D rendering area with viewport function
⦁ Work in any resolution


How do I install CABSkin? :
1. Download and extract CABSkin.Zip
2. Highlight and Copy CABSkin Folder (Control+C or Right click and choose Copy)
3. Navigate to the following locations and Paste CABSkin Folder into World of Warcraft addon Directory
4. For Retail WoW: World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns
5. Right Click anywhere while not ontop of any current folders, Select Paste (Control+V)



Command to Open the config window has changed to /CS Menu

All previous skins should still work correctly and should not be overwritten,

however, drop down menu has changed to the updated skins.

Please goto the PAGES tab located above for instructions how to find and reload your skin if it is no longer in the list.



How do I use CABSkin?
1. Log into wow and load character into the world
2. Type /CS Menu to open configuration window
3. Use the Dropdown menu to select any preset skins to apply
4. If necessary change the width and height to accomidate your screen to your preference


Additional options are as included
1. Grid overlay – for alignment of other addon visuals
2. Color wheel – change the overall color of the skin
3. Transparency – ability to fade the overall skin
4. Width (X) and Height (Z) Adjustment of any skin
5. Able to move the overall skin by use of the X and Y offset


Addons NOT required but highly suggested to be used along with CABSkin
Titan Panel
Basic Chat Mod (BCM)


⦁ Why is the download is so big? it's because it contains many images.
⦁ How do i load custom skins?
1. Copy TGA or BLP files to /interface/btex/skins/ directory, and use the "custom texture" options on the top dropdown menu.
2. Write name file without the end "-1.tga". Example: for 'Royal' skin, you have 4 tga named Royal-1.tga, Royal-2.tga, Royal-3.tga, Royal-4.tga.
4. Write 'Royal' in the custom name and click Apply skin.
⦁ Does the skin support transparency? yes.  and via WOW API.
⦁ Can i use BLP file? Yes. use custom load skin, and do like with any other tga file.


⦁ What do i do if i find a bug or have issues with CABSKin?

leave me a comment, PM, or reply to Official CABSKin Forum Post


If you would like to have the Original Btex along with all of Tiggy's original skins and updated most current version, you can find it here.

Btex Fan Update 2.0 – By Dyeslee 


Make sure to disable one or the other before loading into game (click on the addons button bottom left hand corner of your character screen)




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