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Catch & Release

Game Version: 10.0.2
Total Downloads: 3,475
Updated: Nov 22, 2022
Created: Aug 30, 2018
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Catch & Release release 323.41 KB Nov 22, 2022 10.0.2 152 download Catch & Release Catch & Release releaseDownload release 168.32 KB Jun 13, 2022 9.2.5 154 download Catch & Release releaseDownload release 168.32 KB Nov 6, 2021 9.1.5 287 download Catch & Release releaseDownload
Catch & Release release 169.48 KB Oct 13, 2020 9.0.1 425 download Catch & Release Catch & Release releaseDownload
Catch & Release release 165.51 KB Jan 14, 2020 8.3.0 542 download Catch & Release Catch & Release releaseDownload



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Catch And Release creates a fake raid warning (without the sound, only the text alert) when certain special fishing items are caught. Shows drops for you and anyone in your group who is in range, but only you will see the alert. I turn off most loot notices to cut down on spam in the chat window, but I like knowing when I fish up certain items without having to keep my bags open constantly. I also like knowing when raid/group members fish up Margoss/garrison fish without cluttering up the group chat. Thus, this addon was born. There are no options, just plug and play.



Lunarfall Carp / Frostwall Minnow (garrison pond)
Lunkers for Nat (WoD zones)

Mark of Aquaos (Margoss’ Retreat)

Emblem of Margoss (“new” Dalaran)

Bait for artifact pole (Legion zones)

Midnight Salmon (BfA zones)

Mounts obtained via fishing

Certain special fishing items (i.e. Darkwood Fishing Pole)


*NOTE: If you mail any of these items to yourself or get them in trade from another player, the alert will still fire. It doesn’t differentiate between fishing it up and getting it by other means.


– change “NAME fishes up…” to “You fish up…” when the loot is yours
– add option to toggle showing your own loot vs your group’s loot

– figure out how to consolidate the code into a list of items rather than doing it the long way

– add slash command for easily adding items to the list from in game

– add group announce/yell when Carp/Minnows are thrown in Garrisons
– add feature to swap fishing pole for your weapon when entering/leaving combat



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