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wow addon Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker

Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker

Game Version: 6.2.2
Total Downloads: 7,326
Updated: Oct 8, 2015
Created: Aug 13, 2015
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r25 release 289.15 KB Oct 8, 2015 6.2.2 5,351 download Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r25 releaseDownload
Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r21 release 284.33 KB Sep 28, 2015 6.2.2 289 download Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r21 releaseDownload
Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r20 release 282.73 KB Sep 24, 2015 6.2.2 249 download Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r20 releaseDownload
Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r19 release 280.87 KB Sep 15, 2015 6.2.2 303 download Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r19 releaseDownload
Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r24 beta 289.14 KB Oct 7, 2015 6.2.2 108 download Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r24 betaDownload
Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r23 beta 288.15 KB Oct 1, 2015 6.2.2 144 download Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r23 betaDownload
Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r22 beta 285.32 KB Sep 29, 2015 6.2.2 129 download Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r22 betaDownload
Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r18 beta 278.60 KB Sep 7, 2015 6.2.2 266 download Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r18 betaDownload
Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r17 beta 239.66 KB Aug 14, 2015 6.2.0 487 download Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker Chaos Bolt DPET Tracker-r17 betaDownload



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This addon is only for destruction warlocks. It helps to make decisions when to cast Chaos Bolt or Shadowburn. It tracks all of your buffs and splits them into DPET stages based on buffs type and theirs duration, so you can say that in next five seconds my Chaos Bolt has 140% DPET increase over static buffed character and after that 113% DPET increase until all buffs falls off.

Important information:

Since revision 20 all DPET thresholds are now relative to automatically calculated "Passive DPET level" which contains all buffs that remain 5 minutes or longer. So now there is no need to change thresholds when your static buff configuration changes, in other words all thresholds are treated as "xxx percent DPET increase" in compare with what you have at the moment.
Please check and correct your current thresholds if they are too big.

Basic setup:

  1. Open options window
  2. Set "DPET Low Threshold" to 110%
  3. Set "DPET High Threshold" to "DPET Low Threshold" + 5..20% (depend on gear and your preference)
  4. Uncheck "Use Backdraft stacks" (may lead to OOM and overall performance drop)
  5. (Option) Uncheck "Use EmberKill On Trash Targets" (still may be useful while questing)
  6. (Option) Adjust position and size by changing "Stage bars position" and "Stage bars size" values
  7. (Option) Adjust displayed time span by changing "Time Window" value
  8. (Option) Adjust Emberbits softcap values by changing "Low threshold active" and "No threshold active" values in the "Emberbits softcap" section

To open the options window, type /cbdt.

Main features:

  • High and low DPET relative thresholds are set by player;
  • All buffs processed using spell data and spell effects data ( simulationcraft spell data used ), so all ratings and stat modifiers are taken in account with appropriate scalings;
  • For selection between Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn average DPET used ( multistrike/crits/multistrike crits are taken into account );
  • Visual and sound alert for Chaos Bolt or Shadowburn;
  • Visual DPET levels representation;
  • At sub 20% HP phase spell with higher average DPET selected (Chaos Bolt or Shadowburn);
  • Chaos Bolt selected when Incinerate cast time less than 1 second (GCD capped);
  • Havoc buff charges and remaining time tracking;
  • Embers overcap protection – Chaos Bolt/Shadowburn notification if more than 3.5 (default) embers when no thresholds active and 2.9 (default) when low threshold active.

EmberKill feature:

  • Target HP tracking to let you know if you can kill target with embers you have at the moment;
  • Target HP decrease rate tracking ( simple moving average with 10 seconds window ) to make sure you can dump all embers before the target dies;

Special thanks to:

  • Анаразелька@EA (EU-Gordunni) for testing


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