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Chat Observer

Game Version: 1.13.5
Total Downloads: 2,182
Updated: Oct 16, 2020
Created: Oct 19, 2019
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Earlier Versions

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ChatObserver v0.6 release 2.99 KB Oct 16, 2020 1.13.5 56 download Chat Observer ChatObserver v0.6 releaseDownload


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Addon to monitor General, Trade and LookingForGroup channels for keywords that are specified by the player. I was getting tired of trying to keep up with LFG chat and wanted to get notifications for the things I was searching for. Keyword can be a whole word or part of a word and the addon sends alert to default and currently selected chat tabs with message and clickable name of the person who was matched.


Note: You must activate LookingForGroup chat if you want the addon to monitor the LookingForGroup channel. It's fine if you put it in a separate window and never look at it again, but the chat has to be open somewhere.


Type /co followed by one or more keywords to enable.



  • /co – Lists commands and how to use them
  • /co wb - Turns monitoring for world bosses on/off
  • /co add ubrs – Adds ubrs as a keyword to watchlist
  • /co add ubrs strat black – Adds ubrs, strat and black as keywords to watchlist
  • /co list – Tells you what keywords are currently in the watchlist
  • /co remove ubrs – Removes ubrs as a keyword from watclist
  • /co clear – Clears the watchlist and stops monitoring
  • /co start – Starts monitoring for current watchlist
  • /co stop – Stops monitoring for current watchlist
  • /co sound on – Enables notification sound
  • /co sound off – Disables notification sound
  • /co flashos on - Enable taskbar icon flashing
  • /co flashos off – Disable taskbar icon flashing


Addon sends notification to currently active chat tab. Channels that are being monitored can be in different tabs.



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