WoW ClassHelper addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2022
wow addon ClassHelper


Game Version: 1.14.1 +2
Total Downloads: 1,280
Updated: Dec 2, 2021
Created: Oct 16, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
ClassHelper v9.1.7 (Upgraded to PTR Compatible) release 1.30 MB Dec 2, 2021 1.14.1 +2 0 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.1.7 (Upgraded to PTR Compatible) releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.1.7 release 1.29 MB Nov 8, 2021 1.14.1 +2 163 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.1.7 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.1.5 release 1.29 MB Aug 7, 2021 1.13.7 +2 21 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.1.5 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.1.4 release 1.29 MB Aug 5, 2021 9.1.0 +1 20 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.1.4 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.1.3 release 1.15 MB Jul 27, 2021 9.1.0 +1 18 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.1.3 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.1.2 With TTS release 1.15 MB Jul 6, 2021 9.1.0 62 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.1.2 With TTS releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.1.1 release 1.15 MB Jun 29, 2021 1.13.7 +2 41 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.1.1 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.16 release 1.14 MB Jun 27, 2021 1.13.7 +2 13 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.16 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.15 (Classic TBC Compatible!!!) release 1.14 MB Jun 3, 2021 1.13.7 +2 60 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.15 (Classic TBC Compatible!!!) releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.14 release 1.09 MB May 12, 2021 9.1.0 39 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.14 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.13 release 1.09 MB May 9, 2021 9.1.0 29 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.13 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.12 Fixed release 1.08 MB Apr 26, 2021 9.1.0 30 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.12 Fixed releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.12 release 1.08 MB Apr 12, 2021 9.1.0 33 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.12 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.11 release 1.11 MB Apr 7, 2021 9.1.0 27 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.11 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.10 (Fixed) release 1.10 MB Mar 10, 2021 9.0.5 30 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.10 (Fixed) releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.10 release 1.10 MB Feb 24, 2021 9.0.2 72 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.10 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.9 (Update 2) release 1.10 MB Jan 20, 2021 9.0.2 35 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.9 (Update 2) releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.9 release 1.10 MB Jan 16, 2021 9.0.2 28 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.9 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.8 release 1.10 MB Jan 6, 2021 9.0.2 37 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.8 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.7 Shadowlands release 1.05 MB Nov 25, 2020 9.0.2 +1 44 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.7 Shadowlands releaseDownload
ClassHelepr v9.0.7 (Updated) release 1.05 MB Nov 24, 2020 9.0.2 +1 35 download ClassHelper ClassHelepr v9.0.7 (Updated) releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.7 release 1.05 MB Nov 15, 2020 9.0.1 +1 23 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.7 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.6 release 1.05 MB Nov 14, 2020 9.0.1 +1 37 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.6 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.5 release 275.10 KB Nov 11, 2020 9.0.1 +1 15 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.5 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.4 (Fixed) release 273.99 KB Nov 7, 2020 9.0.1 +1 17 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.4 (Fixed) releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.4 release 273.97 KB Nov 6, 2020 9.0.1 +1 12 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.4 releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.3 MAJOR FIXES DOWNLOAD NOW release 268.50 KB Nov 6, 2020 9.0.1 +1 58 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.3 MAJOR FIXES DOWNLOAD NOW releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.1 (Improved) release 266.86 KB Oct 31, 2020 9.0.1 +1 73 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.1 (Improved) releaseDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.2 alpha 268.45 KB Nov 5, 2020 9.0.1 +1 52 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.2 alphaDownload
ClassHelper v9.0.1 (Classic compatible) alpha 271.05 KB Oct 23, 2020 9.0.1 +1 44 download ClassHelper ClassHelper v9.0.1 (Classic compatible) alphaDownload


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ClassHelper is a basic WoW Addon that will attempt to enhance your gameplay by adding warnings, timers, and other bars to your UI.
– The custom UnitFrames in this addon can be altered in many different ways, including change of color, glowing them, prioritizing debuffs, glowing debuffs, and more!
– This addon is a work-in-progress. If you have a suggestion for the UnitFrames, please suggest at
Features included:
– Mod editor (Shows syntax and keywords if enabled)
– Alerts (When programmed to, display warnings on your screen)
– Timer bars (When programmed to, display a timer bar with some text. This bar can run things when it expires, or can be used as a ticker for other events. EX: run a script when 5 seconds are left, rather than on expiration)
– Power bars (Can display a mana/energy/power bar anywhere on the screen with custom size, power text, and even change color depending on how much mana you have!)
– Raid frames (When programmed, the user can change the color of raid frames based on player auras.
– Lighting up spells on your action bar (The user can make a spell light up/un-light up on the action bar)
– More help is available in-game.
Things to know before installing:
1. If you are using a timer bar in the same mod multiple times, make sure you set it as reserved, or you will likely overwrite another timer bar created by another mod.
2. When setting points on a powerbar object, make sure you use the format [point, x, y, relative] since the powerbar:SetPoint() function is not compatible with any other formats of SetPoint()
3. When using dynamic power bars, it is recommended you refer to the Balance Druid Dynamic Power Bar example, as it contains full support for cost scaling, cast interrupt detection, and shows you exactly how to create a dynamic power bar.
4. When enabling or disabling a mod, make sure to save your changes, or the mod will not enable/disable.
5. When backing up your AddOn, (‘/ch backup’) all profiles are also backed up.
6. If you create a profile, there isn’t many ways to transfer the mods between them. The recommendation is to create a new profile for each new character immediately.
7. This addon comes with no mods installed. You will need to code your own mods, or wait for the release of all class mods. (Should be created by this December)
8. Compatibility issues. If you have installed addons that alter your UI (EX: ElvUI, Healbot, Bartender, …) some features may not completely be functional. EX: Lighting up a spell with ElvUI would do nothing, since it doesn’t know to search the ElvUI bars. These issues will be fixed later if possible. You can actually light it up manually, by finding the action button using /fstack.
If you have any suggestions for this AddOn, please put them down below in the comments section!
Once again, this AddOn does not come with any mods installed. If you are looking for mods, you will have to code them using the given API.
More help is available in-game.
Happy gaming!
– Tedde


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