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Classic Looking For Group

Game Version: 3.4.1
Total Downloads: 273,206
Updated: Jan 20, 2023
Created: Dec 26, 2019
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Earlier Versions

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 449.70 KB Jan 20, 2023 3.4.1 5,285 download Classic Looking For Group releaseDownload release 439.57 KB Jul 3, 2022 1.14.3 1,529 download Classic Looking For Group releaseDownload release 447.99 KB Mar 22, 2022 2.5.4 17,490 download Classic Looking For Group releaseDownload



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After making a lot of changes to this addon, I’m not happy with the current structure and design.

I have decided to rework this addon, separating everything into modules that can be individually downloaded while preserving your current data.

This will allow you to only have the modules/sections that you want to use with less clutter on the interface.

I am also adding a few new features and making changes to a couple of need.


Stayed tuned.




Addon has been updated to include TBC content.


IF you have suggestions or come across bugs or something just doesn’t seem to be working right, PLEASE leave me a detailed message (what you have selected, what happened and the order it happened in)


I spent months working on this, trying to update it every day or two depending on how serious the bug is.

Any donations whether big or small, while not necessary would be a nice gesture saying you like the addon and appreciate the work going into it.  πŸ™‚



To initialy use, type into chat the following:


  • Once loaded, go into settings and you can check the Bind to I key option. You can also go into  the WOW keybind settings and set the keybind to whatever you want it to be.
  • You have to set up channels you want to listen to and broadcast on. this will be found  under settings/Communication.
  • You can have the LFG eye on the minimap at all times. It will animate when you have an active search going. This can be found in Settings/Display


Things you can do:

  • Create a complicated yet valid search with ANY of the instances via the filter windows (LFG/LFM)  (Eg: Alterac Valley as well as Dire Maul can be in the same search)
  • A valid search REQUIRES at least one instance and role selected
    • Instances are ALL Dungeons, Raids, and PVP but also include custom text for special world events
    • Save your complicated searches and them load them back at any time.
    • View anyone that matches your search, invite them to your group or ask to join theirs right from the app.
    • View and broadcast with the guild only for guild events and groups. No one outside of the guild will see these.
    • Customize your whispers the app would use between players.
    • Customize the Channels you wish to broadcast your searches on.
    • Blacklist: Black list individuals that Ninja looted, etc. so they don’t show up in the addon.
    • Premades: You can create a premade list for specific events or groups. When loaded, those individuals will automatically get an invite when online. Unload the premade to stop the invites.
    • Ratings: You can rate individuals, Remove them and view in the search if you ran with them and see their average rating of all runs.


How to use:


There are several types of searches and combinations you can use. The basic is Creating a Group or Join a Group.

– Create Group: 

      This is where you see all the people who are looking to join a group. You have to specify what you are looking for

      (Roles) and what instance(s) you want to run.

      Instance(s) can be any combination of Dungeons, Raids or PVP. On the right hand side of the selector, you will

      see a text box, this text box will be appended to the end of what would normally be broadcast. Example, you

      select Tank and Heals from the Role check marks, select The Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep from the

      instances then Search. This would tell everyone that you are looking for a tank and dps for DM and SFK… but

      what if you wanted to say more? in that text box you could add the words “and GTG”. then the broadcast would

      say you are looking for a tank and dps for DM and SFK and GTG.


Join Group

      This is where you find people who are looking for someone specific, like a healer or tank to run with them. This is

      the same as Create Group except we are now viewing those who are looking for someone to join, as apposed to

      you looking for someone to join you.


– Both

      This is where it gets interesting. Here, you can view BOTH Create Group and Join Group but you can not do

      any searches. You can still, however ask to join a group you like or ask someone to join yours.


– Custom Search

      You can do a custom search by selecting Custom from the pull down. This is where you enter the text you want

      to broadcast. First this you should do is select any and all instances you want to include in this broadcast, check

      any roles then select Custom. this will use the same Format as Whispers. There are placecard holders that you

      can use in your Custom Text (List of these placecard holders is in Settings under Whispers) hover your mouse

      over the ? to see them. When you make a change to the Custom Text, an Example will show up in WHITE in your

      chat window, using what you have pre-selected for instances and roles. When dong a Custom search, you can

      still change Roles on an active search, just not the instances.


Saved Searches

      Searches can be saved, only when you start an active Search. This helps verify that it is a valid search. Once

      saved, you can view saved searches in the Saved Searches tab. From here, you can Load a search or

      Remove it. Hover your mouse over the search to see the details. When you load a search, it will overwrite

      anything you had previously set up.


Black List

      A Blacklist is a list of individuals who have done harm or serous wrong to a group. As an example, someone Ninja

      looted in a Raid, someone created a Raid with the intentions not normal of any raid group. To Add someone, you

      can right click on their name and select Add To Black List or just type the name into the Player

      text box. You can not enter a form until ALL fields have been filled out.

      You can view the records by clicking on the name of the person, then hover the mouse over the record to read

      what happened.



      A Rating is what you think about the person and run you did together. Ratings can only be applied to individuals

      whom joined your group/raid while you where in an instance/raid. IF you were in a party and never entered an

      instance, you cant rate them at this point. Rating information that is stored contains the Class, Race and Level

      of the player as well as the instances you ran together. You can view the ratings under the Black List tab, and

      selecting Ratings on the top tab. Clicking on the name will show you all your runs as well as any comments you

      may have made on the specific runs.



      Premades can be the core of events, raids or BGs. You can create a premade by entering the name of the

      individual OR right clicking on the name in chat, guild Roster or friends list and selecting LFG113.

      The individual HAS to be a friend or Guild mate online and on your server to use the right click feature to

      add them to the list. Battletag friend does not work (yet). You can also manualy enter in a new Group name,

      or you can SHIFT-CLICK on the already created group name to auto fill in the Group entry

      (Groups are case sensitive) When LOADING the list, click LOAD and it will

      automatically invite everyone that is online. If they are not online it will invite once they are online. (AGAIN,

      it will only invite GUILD and FRIENDS once they come online. It will not catch anyone else.) Once LOAD has

      been pressed, it will try to invite everyone on the list and give you the results in chat. You can see who received

      the invites and who was offline. Future release will have a “status” with the list of names while Auto invite is enabled

      To stop the automatic invites, just click on the UNLOAD button. You can have more then one list, with

      as many names stored as you like.


      EDITING the list is simple: just SHIFT-CLICK on the name you wish to edit the role of and make your changes. 

      Adding player to more then one list: SHIFT-CLICK the player in the list as if your going to edit it, then

      SHIFT-CLICK the name/title of the list you wish to add the player to!


Black List and Searches

      While searching, you may come across someone who was black listed. This will show up with a large red X by the

      name, and a black star in the background. IF you come across this, you can go to the Black List tab, look at the

      Name and read the records to see why and make the judgement yourself if you wish to add them to your group.


Ratings and Searches 

      While searching you may come across someone whom you ran with and rated. Stars will appear on the right of the

      search notifying you that you did indeed rate them and what you rated them as. You can go to the Black List tab and see

      why you rated them by mouse over the date/time of run(s)


Things to be aware of:

      Searches are filtered. Once you change a pull down (Activity like Raid, Dungeon or select specific instances) the

      display will only show those that match what you have selected.

      The check mark for Show All will give you the ability to see ALL instances in the pull downs. By default, you can

      only see those that match your level.

      The check mark for Guild Only will broadcast to your Guild only and not to the public, useful for guild events.

      The Reset button will erase your searches, clearing everything and allow you to start over.

      ALL changes made when a search is going will take effect immediately. If you are searching and checked DPS,

      your next broadcast will be with the DPS added.

      All searches have to be Valid for it to continue. As an example, If you forget to select a role or accidentally

      unchecked and have no roles during an active search then the search will fail and halt.




Just to make this clear, the app will only be an extension of the chat, to organize what you see in a way that is organized. The App will not do anything automatic (No auto grouping people that are NOT in your friends/guild list, etc). Chat should still be monitored and you can mouse over the person/group to see what they typed in chat. The app is a standalone app and does not require ANY other client to have the same app installed. It will, however communicate with other clients so they could get chat they may have missed. No one will be “Required” to use this app on another computer with the fear they will be left out or miss anything.



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