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Game Version: 1.13.2
Total Downloads: 251
Updated: Nov 24, 2019
Created: Nov 24, 2019
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– Whenever you earn Honor it prints how much honor you've received that day.

– When you kill someone that has Diminishing Returns for you, it prints the correct amount of honor from that kill.

– When you mouseover an enemy player or their corpse and they have Diminishing Returns for you, it prints the percentage of honor you'd get from killing them.

– Type /honortracker or /ht to print your daily honor.

– Type /honortracker <name> or /ht <name> to print DR and some info about the <name> enemy player.



– If you're often pvping right around the reset time on your server, the Blizzard info won't update until you relog, and so the addon won't know to reset Diminishing Returns either.

– The daily honor count is about 1-2% lower than actual honor received. I'm experimenting with changing rounding to compensate.

– The Blizzard info for mouseover on a released corpse is a little finicky and it sometimes won't show the Diminishing Returns percentage for that.


Possible features moving forward: (would need to be requested most likely)

– Daily reset based on server time or manual based on config

– Honor per hour calculations


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