WoW ClassInfo addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2021
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Game Version: 9.0.2
Total Downloads: 197
Updated: Mar 6, 2021
Created: Feb 28, 2021
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
ClassInfo-v1.05 release 3.13 MB Mar 6, 2021 9.0.2 0 download ClassInfo ClassInfo-v1.05 releaseDownload
ClassInfo-v1.04 release 3.13 MB Mar 6, 2021 9.0.2 5 download ClassInfo ClassInfo-v1.04 releaseDownload
ClassInfo-v1.03 release 3.11 MB Mar 4, 2021 9.0.2 81 download ClassInfo ClassInfo-v1.03 releaseDownload
ClassInfo-v1.02 release 616.19 KB Mar 3, 2021 9.0.2 72 download ClassInfo ClassInfo-v1.02 releaseDownload release 1.49 MB Feb 28, 2021 9.0.2 39 download ClassInfo releaseDownload



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The addon lets you browse through the different classes and their specilizations, displaying every ability, talent and pvp-talent the selected class has. The main idea is to help you gain game knowledge and learn about other classes to improve your overall gameplay, espacially when it comes to pvp. 


How to use:

  1. Type “/classinfo show” or click the button on the minimap
  1. Click the icons to choose a class and specialization
  2. Go through the tabs to see the different abilities and talents



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