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Consumption Counter Skada Plugin

Game Version: 7.2.0
Total Downloads: 2,683
Updated: Mar 31, 2017
Created: Mar 31, 2017
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Skada_LeechBDKTabs  adds several tabs to Skada to measure Artifact healing. It uses the same measurement code from "Leech Trinket Counter" but uses the new 7.2 Traits in the DK artifact). Installing it will leave your normal Skada healing tab intact but will add the following new tabs:

  • Artifact Leech: Amount of healing each player did via giving leech to other players.
  • Artifact Leech taken: Amount of healing each person got via receiving leech from other players.
  • Healing + TL: Total healing done (normal healing +Artifact leech). This tab is identical from the normal Healing tab but considering healing done by Leech given by other Blood Deathknights as done by the Tank instead of the player. Clicking on a DKs name allows you to see, for instance, how much % of his healing was due to the artifact (under the name "Vampiric Aura").

Admittedly due to how WoW's ticks work there is a minor measurement error (where the healing done by Leech trait is counted towards the player instead of the DK if the leech buff dropped just before the Leech healing occurred). In real raid battles this error was around 2% of the total leech (sometimes much lower).



The code is based on the LeechTrinketCounter measurement method from Gragagrogog and the adaptation to Skada by wtfblub (that is not an official addon in Curse but can be found in the LeechTrinketCounter addon comments). The "Trinket Leech" tab was already present in the code by wtfblub,


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