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Game Version: 2.5.1
Total Downloads: 2,273
Updated: Jul 4, 2021
Created: Sep 14, 2015
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
2021-07-04-release-bcc release 2.21 KB Jul 4, 2021 2.5.1 1 download CooldownReadyFlashDisabler 2021-07-04-release-bcc releaseDownload
2021-07-04-release-classic release 2.21 KB Jul 4, 2021 1.13.7 1 download CooldownReadyFlashDisabler 2021-07-04-release-classic releaseDownload
2021-07-04-release release 2.21 KB Jul 4, 2021 9.1.0 1 download CooldownReadyFlashDisabler 2021-07-04-release releaseDownload
2018-08-01-release release 1.04 KB Aug 1, 2018 8.0.1 721 download CooldownReadyFlashDisabler 2018-08-01-release releaseDownload
2017-09-03-release release 1.04 KB Sep 4, 2017 7.3.0 285 download CooldownReadyFlashDisabler 2017-09-03-release releaseDownload
2017-07-22-release release 1.05 KB Jul 22, 2017 7.2.5 129 download CooldownReadyFlashDisabler 2017-07-22-release releaseDownload
2016-10-27-release release 1.15 KB Oct 27, 2016 7.1.0 361 download CooldownReadyFlashDisabler 2016-10-27-release releaseDownload
2016-09-20-release release 1.16 KB Aug 20, 2016 7.0.3 273 download CooldownReadyFlashDisabler 2016-09-20-release releaseDownload
2015-09-14-release release 1.14 KB Sep 14, 2015 6.2.2 501 download CooldownReadyFlashDisabler 2015-09-14-release releaseDownload


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This tiny addon universally disables the “bling” flash animations on action buttons whenever cooldowns become ready. The “bling” flash animations look to me like unnecessary glare that obscures the icons when I am playing a new class and learning its icons, so this addon improves visibility of your action buttons after each cooldown so you can see the entire button graphics more clearly.

Its entire code is the following:

for k,v in pairs(_G) do
    if type(v)=="table" and type(v.SetDrawBling)=="function" then
hooksecurefunc(getmetatable(ActionButton1Cooldown).__index, 'SetCooldown', function(self)

Thanks to nevcairiel and Semlar for helping me with its specific code.

Warning: This disables “bling” on the relevant Cooldown UIObject any time SetCooldown is called. This means that you won’t be able to enable SetDrawBling without disabling this addon and reloading UI. It is good only for users who wish to never see the “bling” animation on any buttons.


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