WoW Covenant Ability Changer addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2021
wow addon Covenant Ability Changer

Covenant Ability Changer

Game Version: 9.1.5
Total Downloads: 168
Updated: Nov 13, 2021
Created: Nov 8, 2021
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This Addon works in a similar fashion to the Healthstone Auto Macro (where I got my inspiration from). It maintains two macros (one for the covenant signature ability and one for the covenant class ability). When a covenant is switched the macro will automatically be updated with the abilities for the new covenant. The biggest advantage is that though the use of only these two macro buttons it covers all the signature and class specific abilities. So there is no longer the need to have a separate macro for each class or to have separate buttons for different covenants.


The addon will update upon login as well as when a covenant is switched. The macros will automatically be created if they do not already exist (provided enough free global macro slots are available).


How to set it up:

1. Install Addon

2. Login to game

    – An empty macro called “CACclassAbi” will be created containing the class specific ability

    – An empty macro called “CACsignatureAbi” will be created containing the covenant signature ability (Summon Steward, Soulshape, Fleshcraft, or Door of Shadows)

3. Move the two macros to the desired locations on your action bars.


Notes: For Door of Shadows the normal behavior is to show the targeting circle. For this ability I included a direct mouse targeting if holding down the alt-modifier. In case you prefer the direct targeting to be the default behavior or prefer another modifier key feel free to update the addon accordingly. Also for those associated with the Kyrian covenant holding the alt-modifier will use the Phial of Serenity.


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