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Game Version: 2.5.2
Total Downloads: 42
Updated: Oct 3, 2021
Created: Sep 28, 2021
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for Classic BC
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Earlier Versions

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by Cixi@Remulos (Classic Oceanic)


 CraftTree will display your craftable items and their reagents as a tree flow chart, giving you a better view of what is needed for the whole craft to happen.
  You not only will see what mats are directly needed, but also what mats are needed for those items, and so on and so forth.



  You’ll also have the possibility to craft all those various steps at the (repeated) click of a single button, without having to find the items in your Tradeskill window



  – Copy the “CraftTree” folder into your Wow Classic \Interface\AddOns\ folder
  – Restart World of Warcraft Classic
  Just open your Tradeskill window to display the new CraftTree frame next to it.
  Join the discord server to have a say in the direction of the addon
  Submit bugs/suggestions/comments here:


  Developing our addons and websites takes time and effort, and is a single-person job.
  If you feel like participating in some way, you can donate to the cause 🙂

  Huge thanks for downloading and using our addons, that’s the best reward.


Good luck, have fun, and may the Earth Mother protect you all.
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Cixi / Gaya @Remulos Horde(Classic Oceanic server)


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