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Dungeon Assist

Game Version: 9.0.5
Total Downloads: 23
Updated: Apr 22, 2021
Created: Apr 14, 2021
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Dungeon Assist


What is it?

Dungeon Assist is designed to provide concise boss mechanic descriptions in party, instance, or raid chat.  Being a part of a pickup group can be challenging when one or more players have little or no experience in the dungeon.  Dungeon Assist allows a player to post to the chat a boss’s mechanics with a simple click of a button.


Why is it?

Dungeon Assist was borne out of numerous dungeon runs where a leader would have to either type a wall of text to describe mechanics, or create macros to do the same.


How does it work?

Dungeon Assist detects which dungeon or raid the player is in, the type of group the player is in, and when the window is shown, it will list each boss by an image and name.  Upon clicking a boss, the mechanics are posted to the chat (party if it’s a normal party, instance if joined via LFG or LFR, raid if in a standard raid, and say if soloing the dungeon).


What dungeons/raids are supported?

Currently Shadowlands is supported and will continue to be supported.  It is intended to eventually support older expansions and content, as well as WoW Classic.



Minimap Button – Left click to toggle the Dungeon Assist window.  Right click to toggle the options panel.  Minimap button can be disabled in the options.

Slash Commands – Dungeon Assist may be shown by using any of the following commands: /da, /dungeonassist, /dungeon-assist


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