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Easy Assign

Game Version: 3.4.0
Total Downloads: 1,314
Updated: Sep 8, 2022
Created: Jan 3, 2021
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Easy Assign is a World of Warcaft Addon that allows raid leaders to quickly assign players to customizable tasks and then print these assignments into chat.




How do I use it?

  • Click on the blue icon by the mini map or type “/ea” to open the interface.
  • Your raid members should be populated in the player bank, if not press “Refresh”.
  • Add or delete groups as necessary. A maximum of 8 groups can be created.
  • Edit the headers to suit your needs. Headers can consist of custom text or you can drag a player label into it.
  • Drag people into the appropriate groups. Note that order is preserved and this may be useful in some cases.
  • Once the assignments look good, press “Print” to print out the assignments.
  • To clear everything, press “Reset”.
  • Setups can be saved for later use. Note that when you load a saved setup, you should refresh things since some players may not be present this time around. To delete a saved setup, right-click on the listing in the Saved Setup window to bring up the delete menu.


What kind of assignments can I use it for?

  • Tanks to mobs with particular raid symbols
  • Healers to particular tanks
  • Interrupters to particular targets
  • Players to crowd control particular targets
  • People to go to particular spots



  • You can specify the channel where you want to dump the assignments, like “raid”, “party”, “say” or “myhealchannel”. Note that you must be in that channel to do so.
  • Save your setup for each situation, then for the next raid you can simply reload them and update the players if necessary.
  • Player names can be dragged into the header labels.
  • Shapes can be assigned by typing the shape text (ex. {Skull}, {Cross}, {Square}, etc.) into the header label.


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