WoW EasyReload 2.0 addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2023
wow addon EasyReload 2.0

EasyReload 2.0

Game Version: 8.2.0
Total Downloads: 54
Updated: Jul 21, 2019
Created: Jul 21, 2019
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EasyReload is a very lightweight Addon which adds 3 simple commands that have proven useful to me when you have to reload your UI often. 

the commands are:

EasyReload now comes with a toggleable (and moveable) ReloadUI button that can be toggled via "/er" or "/easyreload".
The 'x' at the top of this windows does NOT toggle the button, just hides it until the next reload.

If you have any feedback (or know how I can get rid of the massive amount of wasted space in the window), please let me know!


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