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Game Version: 8.3.0
Total Downloads: 544
Updated: Feb 28, 2020
Created: Feb 18, 2020

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
ElvUI_LuckyoneUI.zip release 40.14 KB Feb 28, 2020 8.3.0 264 download ElvUI_LuckyoneUI ElvUI_LuckyoneUI.zip releaseDownload
ElvUI_LuckyoneUI.zip release 178.49 KB Feb 18, 2020 8.3.0 280 download ElvUI_LuckyoneUI ElvUI_LuckyoneUI.zip releaseDownload



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Welcome to LuckyoneUI

LuckyoneUI is a plugin for ElvUI, which means you need to install ElvUI first

How it works

Step 0) Install or update all recommended AddOns (optional)
Step 1) Install or update ElvUI
Step 2) Install or update LuckyoneUI
Step 3) Create a new ElvUI profile and run the ElvUI installer (set up CVars, Chat and UI Scale – skip others)
Step 4) Run the LuckyoneUI installer and click on finish
Step 5) Restart the game to register all fonts and textures

Recommended AddOns

Shadow & Light
Details! Damage Meter
WeakAuras 2

Details! Skin Guide: (How to get my Details)

• Import String: Pastebin just "CTRL+C" copy it
• Go to /details options -> Profiles -> Import Profile and just "CTRL+V"
• Select "Lucky" at "Select Profile" Here: Screenshot

BigWigs Skin Guide: (How to get my BigWigs Settings)

• Download: BigWigs.lua
• Import: World of Warcraft-retail-\WTF\Account\Account Name\SavedVariables
• Ingame Setup: /bw -> Profiles -> Exisiting Profiles -> Lucky

Color Guide: (How to change from black to another color)

• Go in your ElvUI menu -> UnitFrames -> Colors
• And just select "Class Health" at the top right (1) and then setup a custom backdrop (2)
• Here: Screenshot
• In addition, you should remove [namecolor] tags from the name settings
• in the "Name" Tab of [UnitFrames] – Player, Target, Party, Raid, Raid40

Recommended UI Scale:

• Go in your ElvUI menu -> General -> General
• Set UI scale to 0.710 (not 0.71, type 0.710) for 1080p resolution

Interrupts, CC and Utility WeakAuras:

• Part 1/4 Import 1
• Part 2/4 Import 2
• Part 3/4 Import 3
• Part 4/4 Import 4
• How to import: Screenshot
• Make sure to enable this: Screenshot


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