WoW Eonar Tag addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon Eonar Tag

Eonar Tag

Game Version: 7.3.0 +5
Total Downloads: 282
Updated: Jan 15, 2018
Created: Jan 11, 2018
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
EonTag v1.0.3.1 beta 18.94 KB Jan 15, 2018 7.3.0 +5 184 download Eonar Tag EonTag v1.0.3.1 betaDownload
EonTag v1.0.3 beta 19.13 KB Jan 14, 2018 7.3.0 +5 43 download Eonar Tag EonTag v1.0.3 betaDownload
EonTag v1.0.2 beta 18.52 KB Jan 12, 2018 7.3.0 +4 22 download Eonar Tag EonTag v1.0.2 betaDownload
EonTag beta 18.41 KB Jan 11, 2018 7.3.0 +3 22 download Eonar Tag EonTag betaDownload
EonTag beta 18.40 KB Jan 11, 2018 7.3.0 +5 11 download Eonar Tag EonTag betaDownload


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Lets you host and play a game of tag in your party/raid


To host and play

  • join a party/raid group
  • make sure you have permissions of atleast assistant if you're in a raid group
  • press host game
  • any other player that has this addon installed will now get the option to join your game
  • while all players join you can set the round timer
  • press "start round" to start a round
  • from here on the game is automated and requires no additional input
  • the game will end when the timer runs out and the player currently tagging will be deemed the loser.
  • if you want to play another round press "Start round" again
  • if you want to end the game or let another person host press "End game"


  • persistent loser stats
  • interactive ui frame
  • minimap button to hide/show the game frame

Planned updates:

  • framerate independand animations
  • toggleable stats window


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