WoW EPGP (NGW Edition) addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon EPGP (NGW Edition)

EPGP (NGW Edition)

Game Version: 7.1.0
Total Downloads: 402
Updated: Oct 26, 2016
Created: Oct 20, 2016
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
EPGP (NGW Edition) v1.0 release 338.26 KB Oct 26, 2016 7.1.0 311 download EPGP (NGW Edition) EPGP (NGW Edition) v1.0 releaseDownload
EPGP (NGW Edition) v0.21 release 338.26 KB Oct 25, 2016 7.1.0 49 download EPGP (NGW Edition) EPGP (NGW Edition) v0.21 releaseDownload
EPGP (NGW Edition) v0.2 alpha 343.68 KB Oct 20, 2016 7.0.3 12 download EPGP (NGW Edition) EPGP (NGW Edition) v0.2 alphaDownload
EPGP (NGW Edition) v0.11 alpha 338.27 KB Oct 20, 2016 7.0.3 9 download EPGP (NGW Edition) EPGP (NGW Edition) v0.11 alphaDownload
EPGP (NGW Edition) v0.1 alpha 343.03 KB Oct 20, 2016 7.0.3 21 download EPGP (NGW Edition) EPGP (NGW Edition) v0.1 alphaDownload



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About EPGP (NGW Edition)

This addon is a customization of the EPGP (DKP Reloaded) addon. This customized edition was optimized for my guild Nethergard Watch on Burning Blade, US.

  • This version of EPGP includes options to separate GP for Heroic and Mythic modes. This also includes separate PR for Heroic and Mythic.
  • This version of EPGP fixes the bug with realms that have spaces when distributing loot.
  • This version of EPGP uses HGP(Heroic)/MGP(Mythic) and HPR(Heroic)/MPR(Mythic) instead of only GP and PR as a means of seperating Heroic and Mythic values.


If you were previously using EPGP(DKP Reloaded) you must add an additional field to every guild member's officer note in the following format. "0,0,0" The first digit is EP, the second is Heroic GP, the third is Mythic GP.

What is EPGP?

EPGP is a loot system for World of Warcraft that helps guilds distribute loot evenly based on player effort and past gear rewarded. Players earn EP(Effort Points) for various activities such as attendance or boss kills. EP is distributed by the maintainer of guild EPGP, this should be one person only. GP(Gear Points) are given to members individually based on receiving gear from a raid boss.

When distributing gear the EPGP maintainer should look for PR(Priority) after members have expressed interest in an item, the member at the top is the winner of the piece of gear.

The final component of EPGP is DECAY, DECAY is a means of reducing EPGP values based on a percentage designated in guild info. DECAY allows previously earned GP to be reduced and also EP to be reduced so that new members can catch up quicker.


/epgp config


Modify Guild Information Pane

In order for EPGP to have values for operating you must add the following lines to the guild information pane in World of Warcraft. Please use the following format but modify it for what is best for your guild setup. The values my guild uses (and recommends) are listed in the example.

Modify Officer Notes for Alternate Characters

In order for EPGP to know every alt for a main character YOU MUST modify the Officer Note for each players alt so that it matches the following example.


The first word should be the main characters name, the second part of the Officer note MUST BE THE MAIN CHARACTERS SERVER. If the server has a space in the name simply remove the space such that "Burning Blade" becomes "BurningBlade"


/epgp does not show a certain player?

Please ensure the Officer note for the main character is in the following format "0,0,0". There must be three integers seperated by a comma.

My alt is not showing up when in raid?

Please ensure your alt character is properly tagged in the Officer Note. It must contain your main characters name, a dash, and then the server. Please use the following format "Mesmoque-BurningBlade".


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