WoW eSaith Bag Filter addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon eSaith Bag Filter

eSaith Bag Filter

Game Version: 7.0.3
Total Downloads: 1,249
Updated: Aug 4, 2016
Created: Feb 29, 2016
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
eSaith Bag Filter v1.36 release 19.69 KB Aug 4, 2016 7.0.3 641 download eSaith Bag Filter eSaith Bag Filter v1.36 releaseDownload
eSaith Bag Filter v1.35 release 19.49 KB Aug 2, 2016 7.0.3 61 download eSaith Bag Filter eSaith Bag Filter v1.35 releaseDownload
eSaith Bag Filter v1.32 release 14.58 KB May 12, 2016 6.2.4 139 download eSaith Bag Filter eSaith Bag Filter v1.32 releaseDownload
eSaith Bag Filter v1.31 release 14.25 KB May 10, 2016 6.2.4 117 download eSaith Bag Filter eSaith Bag Filter v1.31 releaseDownload
eSaith Bag Filter v1.3 release 14.11 KB May 8, 2016 6.2.4 74 download eSaith Bag Filter eSaith Bag Filter v1.3 releaseDownload
eSaith Bag Filter 1.2 release 10.45 KB Mar 5, 2016 6.2.3 115 download eSaith Bag Filter eSaith Bag Filter 1.2 releaseDownload
eSaith Bag Filter release 9.40 KB Feb 29, 2016 6.2.3 102 download eSaith Bag Filter eSaith Bag Filter releaseDownload



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Post below, submit a ticket, or send a private message. I'd be happy to read any constructive comments.

  • "/efilter" to open the AddOn
  • "/efilter center" if by chance you accidentally drag the AddOn off the screen and let go of the mouse, you can recenter it.
  • "/efilter reset" to manually reset AddOn. Similar action is taken by 5th tab Reset button

Open AddOn by talking to any vendor and clicking the gold icon on the vendor frame, or by the console typing 'efilter'. With the latest change from version 1.32 to v1.35 there has been a slight change in UI. The same functionality and more exists but to help reduce the clutter and confusion using the iLevel filtering bars they can be reenabled from the options page.


Do a lot of mount runs? Or just want to sell everything you loot from leveling? Mass auto-sell everything (regardless of rarity) in your bags with a single click. Any bind on equip rare (blue) or epic (purple) items will be grouped separately so that you don't have to mouse over each item to verify it's binding property.

How is this AddOn different than others?

Most other AddOns only auto-sell gray items when talking to a vendor and even then cancel out after 10 – 15 items due to client/server latency. This AddOn has been tested to sell 105+ of all rarity types in 1 click while skipping the items you you want to keep. And, it's extremely easy to use. Your kept items will be saved from character to character and through to the next session. Even if you kept it once, removed it from your bags, and regained that item in your inventory that item will still be listed as a kept item until you manually toggle it off.

"Keep It" Option

Only items that are capable of being sold will be listed. When the user clicks the Sell Button (available on top center when selling to a Merchant) all items that are currently listed will be shown. Any items that are wished to be kept can be clicked. These items will turn a slight transparent color correlating to its rarity. Clicking again will remove it from the kept list. If multiple exact items are wished to be saved, only 1 click on one of the items is required. It's all or nothing (e.g. If you have 50 waters, 1 click will save all 50 waters. Clicking the next water will unmark all 50 waters)

Note: Each character has their own kept list

What this AddOn does not do

  • This AddOn will not rearrange your bags.
  • If an item cannot be sold to a vendor manually, the item will not be sold, discarded, traded, nor removed from your bags
  • This AddOn has been modified in an earlier version to allow it to be used with bag addons. Specifically tested against Bagnon

Disclaimer: Any visual aids seen while using this AddOn are works and trademark from Blizzard. Each image is stored within the Blizzard Client and not within this AddOn. These images may be disabled from the options page.


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