WoW Evening Wear addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2022
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Evening Wear

Game Version: 6.0.3
Total Downloads: 1,800
Updated: Nov 2, 2014
Created: Oct 26, 2014
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v0.3.2 release 2.28 KB Nov 2, 2014 6.0.3 1,288 download Evening Wear v0.3.2 releaseDownload
v0.3.1 release 2.25 KB Oct 28, 2014 6.0.3 141 download Evening Wear v0.3.1 releaseDownload
v0.3a release 2.06 KB Oct 27, 2014 6.0.2 91 download Evening Wear v0.3a releaseDownload
v0.3 release 1.87 KB Oct 26, 2014 6.0.2 74 download Evening Wear v0.3 releaseDownload
v0.2 release 1.68 KB Oct 26, 2014 6.0.2 115 download Evening Wear v0.2 releaseDownload
v0.1 release 1.65 KB Oct 26, 2014 6.0.2 91 download Evening Wear v0.1 releaseDownload



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This is a very lightweight mod that uses WoW's built-in Equipment Manager to automatically equip a specific set of gear whenever you enter a town, and re-equip whatever you were wearing before whenever you leave. It does this by creating two new gear sets: Evening Wear and Last Equipped.

Usage is simple. Once you've installed the addon and logged into the game, simply change your Evening Wear gear set using the built-in Equipment Manager to whatever you'd like to wear around town. The addon should automatically detect whenever your rested state changes, and swap your gear accordingly.


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