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Extended Map Zone Info

Game Version: 1.13.2
Total Downloads: 10,621
Updated: Sep 16, 2019
Created: Sep 14, 2019
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
V1.5 release 174.12 KB Sep 16, 2019 1.13.2 10,486 download Extended Map Zone Info V1.5 releaseDownload
V1.0 release 4.99 KB Sep 14, 2019 1.13.2 135 download Extended Map Zone Info V1.0 releaseDownload



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Extended Map Zone Info For Classic


What's the purpose:

When hovering a zone on the World Map, show recommended level and profession skill level for the zone.
And do so without doing any other changes, and without interfering with other addons (High compatibility).
LIST OF REPORTED/KNOWN INCOMPATIBLE ADDONS (Working on these, whenever i have time):
Back to none
Leatrix Maps (Classic) [Tested and working for Leatrix Maps 1.13.30 and Extended Map zone Info v1.5]


Why was this built:

There are other addons that does these things, but are most often bundled with a lot of other stuff.
I, as both gamer and developer, needed one that would work with my other UI Adjusting addons like Mapster.


How was this built:

I sat down and learned something about LUA and WoW Api, to develop an addon for classic which fulfilled above stated purpose.
Then i looked into how other addons used coordinates and edited labels (Enhanced World Map For Classic and Mapster).

Using a part of the code from Enhanced World Map For Classic (Under the MIT license),
some inspiration on Coordinate useage from Mapster (Under Copyright, therefore only inspiration),
and my self learnt knowledge on LUA development, to boil this down to an absolute minimum.


Settings (Since v1.5):

You can access the settings by the following steps:
Main Menu (Esc) –> Interface options –> Addons (Tab) –> ExtendedMapZoneInfo

Or you can use the settings Slashcode ( /emzi )


Slashcodes (Since v1.5):

Open settings window: /emzi 


What's to come:

– [Done since v1.5] Settings (For instance, disabling recommended profession skill level)

– Maybe some way of coloring recommended profession skill level, so it matches current skill level (ex. for skinning, mining and so on.)

– Make source code available in GIT.

– Bug fixes, if any bugs seems to tick in.


Don't expect much, i have limited spare time, in which i will mostly spend on gaming or family life.

If you encounter bugs or the like, please report it in issues and i'll see if i get to fixing it.



This addon and it's code is free to use, copy and distribute under the MIT License.



Enhanced World Map For Classic ( [For code and inspiration]

Mapster ( [For inspiration]



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