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Game Version: 1.12.0
Total Downloads: 411
Updated: Oct 15, 2006
Created: Oct 14, 2006
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1.01 release 2.13 KB Oct 15, 2006 1.12.0 411 download EZInnervate 1.01 releaseDownload


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This addon was created to help multiple druids in a raid to coordinate innervates.

It checks

– Cooldown

– If the target has mana (dont innervate rogue/warrior)

– If the target isn't already innervated

and warn you in these situations.

It also pop a /s warn and whisper the target. You can also choose to warn on your druid chan.

Command list



/ezi innervate (to cast innervate on your target)

/ezi setchan channame (to select your druid chan, "off" just deactivate this feature)

Very simple mod that get the job done. Don't forget to submit translated strings found in EZInnervate to support more language.


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