WoW FaceMelterClassic addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2021
wow addon FaceMelterClassic


Game Version: 2.5.1
Total Downloads: 247
Updated: Jul 17, 2021
Created: Jun 29, 2021
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Earlier Versions

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FaceMelterClassic v0.7.1-beta beta 9.36 KB Jul 17, 2021 2.5.1 0 download FaceMelterClassic FaceMelterClassic v0.7.1-beta betaDownload


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This addon is a continuation of the great works of Falie aka Drescan and Aytherine as requested by my friend Dreaminess.




“This is an addon that deals with rotations for shadow priests. This more helps the novice to become a better dps machine and to better manage their spells. Can you get more dps if you are a number cruncher? Probably if you manage manually and have proper timing but the general wow populace need to learn these things. This addon does exactly that.”



Basically, this addon tells you which skill to use when to maximize DPS.


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