WoW Farm PvP addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon Farm PvP

Farm PvP

Game Version: 9.2.7
Total Downloads: 1,401
Updated: Aug 20, 2022
Created: Jan 14, 2022
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v1.3.1 release 7.58 KB Aug 20, 2022 9.2.7 1 download Farm PvP v1.3.1 releaseDownload
v1.3.0 release 7.59 KB Aug 14, 2022 9.2.5 158 download Farm PvP v1.3.0 releaseDownload
v1.2.3 release 7.56 KB Jun 1, 2022 9.2.5 296 download Farm PvP v1.2.3 releaseDownload
v1.2.2 release 7.57 KB Jun 1, 2022 9.2.0 22 download Farm PvP v1.2.2 releaseDownload
v1.2.1 release 7.56 KB Feb 22, 2022 9.2.0 260 download Farm PvP v1.2.1 releaseDownload
v1.2.0 release 7.43 KB Feb 9, 2022 9.1.5 83 download Farm PvP v1.2.0 releaseDownload
v1.1.1 release 7.20 KB Feb 6, 2022 9.1.5 43 download Farm PvP v1.1.1 releaseDownload
v1.1.0 release 7.19 KB Feb 5, 2022 9.1.5 323 download Farm PvP v1.1.0 releaseDownload
v1.0.2 release 6.34 KB Jan 21, 2022 9.1.5 82 download Farm PvP v1.0.2 releaseDownload
v1.0.1 release 6.31 KB Jan 18, 2022 9.1.5 43 download Farm PvP v1.0.1 releaseDownload
v1.0.1-alpha alpha 6.11 KB Jan 18, 2022 9.1.5 53 download Farm PvP v1.0.1-alpha alphaDownload
v1.0.0-alpha.2 alpha 4.46 KB Jan 14, 2022 9.1.5 37 download Farm PvP v1.0.0-alpha.2 alphaDownload



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Farm PvP

Farm PvP

Farm PvP is a World of Warcraft addon for tracking how much honor and conquest are needed for a full set of seasonal PvP gear.

It is meant for the player to easily get an overview of what’s required to be competitive in terms of gear. Currently, it shows three points of interest. First, the total amount of conquest for a full set of PvP gear. Secondly, the amount of total honor required to upgrade currently equipped gear based on the player’s best rank during the week. Thirdly, the total amount of honor to upgrade to the highest effective rank for PvP (currently Duelist), also based on currently equipped items.


/fp or /farmpvp to get a list of commands. These are the currently supported commands:

  • /fp show to display the addon
  • /fp hide to hide it
  • /fp lock to unlock/hide the frame
  • /fp calc or /fp calculate to manually calculate upgrade cost based on currently equipped PvP gear




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