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FarmLog TBC

Game Version: 2.5.2
Total Downloads: 51,002
Updated: Dec 4, 2021
Created: May 28, 2021
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
FarmLog TBC v0.4.5 release 52.44 KB Dec 4, 2021 2.5.2 10,426 download FarmLog TBC FarmLog TBC v0.4.5 releaseDownload
FarmLog TBC v0.4.4 release 52.02 KB Nov 29, 2021 2.5.2 4,032 download FarmLog TBC FarmLog TBC v0.4.4 releaseDownload
FarmLog TBC v0.4.3 release 51.10 KB Jun 24, 2021 2.5.1 26,752 download FarmLog TBC FarmLog TBC v0.4.3 releaseDownload
FarmLog TBC v0.4 release 50.84 KB Jun 18, 2021 2.5.1 4,753 download FarmLog TBC FarmLog TBC v0.4 releaseDownload
FarmLog TBC v0.2 release 50.61 KB May 31, 2021 2.5.1 4,665 download FarmLog TBC FarmLog TBC v0.2 releaseDownload
v0.4.3-5-gbceeef9-alpha alpha 51.06 KB Jan 18, 2022 2.5.2 0 download FarmLog TBC v0.4.3-5-gbceeef9-alpha alphaDownload
v0.4.3-4-g18e1985-alpha alpha 50.80 KB Dec 4, 2021 2.5.1 29 download FarmLog TBC v0.4.3-4-g18e1985-alpha alphaDownload
v0.4.3-2-g25d0a7c-alpha alpha 50.38 KB Nov 28, 2021 2.5.1 28 download FarmLog TBC v0.4.3-2-g25d0a7c-alpha alphaDownload
v0.4-3-g2001d05-alpha alpha 50.33 KB Jun 24, 2021 2.5.1 93 download FarmLog TBC v0.4-3-g2001d05-alpha alphaDownload
v0.4-2-gd709463-alpha alpha 50.22 KB Jun 21, 2021 2.5.1 79 download FarmLog TBC v0.4-2-gd709463-alpha alphaDownload
v0.4-1-gd4333ae-alpha alpha 50.86 KB Jun 20, 2021 2.5.1 70 download FarmLog TBC v0.4-1-gd4333ae-alpha alphaDownload
FarmLog TBC v0.3a alpha 50.87 KB Jun 11, 2021 2.5.1 75 download FarmLog TBC FarmLog TBC v0.3a alphaDownload


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FarmLog TBC Classic Port 

World of Warcraft TBC Classic addon that logs loot, monster kills, honor and instances. Know exactly what your farm session has yielded.

What it is for

You can track your farming session and know how much gold/hour you make. Good for general grinding, instance item farming, rep farm, tradeskill work, honor farm, 
know how many you killed in a rare BoE farm, etc etc.
FarmLog now tracks Black Lotus picking and shows respawn timers! (need DBM addon for timer bars)

What it does

* Tracks
* Shows Gold/Hour of active farming session
* Farm session time with a stopwatch
* Mob kills, counts how many of each mob was killed
* Loot from mobs and quests
* Herbalism, skinning and mining yield
* Money loot, displays total gold collected
* Shows loot vendor value in gold
* Reputation gain per faction
* XP gained
* Skill levels
* Honor gain, HKs, DKs, ranks kill count
* Black Lotus pick time and location
* Deaths
* Allows reporting farm results
* Display farm yield in a window with all looted items
* Allows filtering item poor and common items
* Save multiple farm sessions, you can switch to a different session and continue from where you left off. Read more about Sessions below.
* When a Black Lotus is picked, it will log the time, zone and coords. You can see it by clicking the BL in your session log
* If you have DBM installed, it’ll start a timer for next spawn. It persists through logout / playing alts.

How to use

* `/fl` – toggle logging on/off
* `/fl r` – reset log
* `/fl s` – shows log
* `/fl set <ITEMLINK> <GOLDVALUE>` – sets AH value of an item, in gold
* `/fl ah` – scan AH (open AH window first)
* `/fl w <NAME>` – switch farm session, you can also write `/fl w` to use the current minimap-zone-text as a session name.


Many times you pause your farming to do something else in game, like doing an instance and afterwards continue to farm herbs. So you want to know how much herb 
farming yields and how much the instance run has yielded, but these are two different sessions! That’s why you can name sessions and switch between them according to what you’re doing. 

Another thing is that the more time & data you have per session, the more accurate gold/hour metric you’re going to see. For example, you can `/fl switch Herbing` when 
collecting herbs and `/fl switch Fishing` whenever you fish, do that for a week and you’ll get a reasonably accurate gold/hour metric.


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