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Game Version: 1.13.6 +1
Total Downloads: 20
Updated: Feb 14, 2021
Created: Feb 13, 2021
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Find adds a powerful /find command to your chat bar.


/find <searchterm> 
Everyone in raid or party with the find addon reports (in chat) what bagslot contains the item being searched for. Great for multiboxing or raiding.

You can search for fragments of a word, or names with spaces in them.


Find allows powerful search commands:

Some quick examples:
/find boe
Everyone reports boe items in their bags
/find crapgear
Everyone reports what greens or worse they are wearing
/find sword
Everyone reports swords in their bags
/find warlock wearing head
Every warlock reports what head they are wearing
/find wearing finger
Everyone reports what rings they are wearing
/find food
Everyone reports what food is in their bags
/find silk c
Everyone reports silk cloth in their bags, or anything that matches “silk c” (i.e. Necromancer’s Silk Cloak)
The addon will work for anyone in party or raid who also has the addon.


/find by itself posts usage info:
Everyone with addon will report when one person searches!
Usage /find <classname or all or nothing> <wearing> item slot or string
Usage /find crapgear (reports greens or less being worn)
Usage /find boe (reports boe items in bags)
You can search for the following slots: head, neck, shoulder, shirt, chest, waist, legs, feet, wrist, hand, finger, trinket, shield, sword (and all other weapon types), cloak, weapon, tabard
You can search for types, e.g. /find food
I have no idea what all the types are. Experiment and let me know on my discord.



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