WoW FlapAway addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
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Game Version: 9.1.0
Total Downloads: 283
Updated: Jun 30, 2021
Created: Mar 4, 2021
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This is a simple addon, intended to help out with the achievement Aerial Ace in Shadowlands (Bastion).


To enable the toggle the addon window, type “/flapaway”.  This opens a small window that reminds you the addon is active, and what the keybind settings are.  I recommend moving the window to a more convenient place, out of the way of the encounter.


Type “/flapaway” again, or click on the Close (X) button to close the addon, and restore the normal use of the keybinds.


While in-flight, Mouse Wheel Down will the course and to “Flap” your wings, while Mouse Wheel Up will cast “Soar” causing you to leap forwards.  While in the regular Bastion area, using either Mouse Wheel Up/Down will use a series of a /target macro, Auto Interact and Click to Move such that you will target the quest NPC (Instructor Malo), run up to them, and automatically start the encounter.  This makes restarting the event after failure very much simpler, and works around the annoying camera positioning and resetting!


The default keybinds are easily changed.  To access the config panel, type “/flapaway config”, or find the addon’s entry under Escape > Interface > Addons.


To restore the default window position and keybinds, type “/flapaway reset”.


I also found the WeakAura by XLIII to be very useful, as it turns out your the hit box for your character is quite different than it appears!


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