WoW Flurry – Automatic Outfit addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon Flurry – Automatic Outfit

Flurry – Automatic Outfit

Game Version: 8.3.0
Total Downloads: 135
Updated: Mar 3, 2020
Created: Jul 27, 2019
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 5.30 KB Mar 3, 2020 8.3.0 62 download Flurry – Automatic Outfit releaseDownload
V1.1 - Bugfix and priority release 4.25 KB Jul 28, 2019 8.2.0 64 download Flurry – Automatic Outfit V1.1 - Bugfix and priority releaseDownload
First release release 3.66 KB Jul 27, 2019 8.2.0 9 download Flurry – Automatic Outfit First release releaseDownload


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WoW – Addon – Change equip by zone (and subzone)

Download and unzip to your WoW Addon folder. (..\World of Warcraft_retail_\Interface\AddOns)
Rename folder "Flurry-master" to "Flurry".

Before update: Save your spec-files, they will be overridden.

Addon changes equip by this events:

  • PLAYERREGENENABLED (if you becomes alive in an other zone)

It does NOT change while:

  • Player is in fight
  • Player is dead


  • Make outfits ingame with Blizz Equipment Manager.
  • Find out name of zone or subzone in the LANGUAGE OF YOUR GAME, where a outfit should be used.
  • Fill in one of the three "spec" files your setup with zone and outfit-name.
  • Optional test key: Keysetup -> Others -> FLURRY

Explanation of Spec-files:

Each file is for one of your Talent specialisation in the order from top to down in your specialisation book.
For example the warrior's book:
1. Weapon – Spec1.lua
2. Fury – Spec2.lua
3. Tank – Spec3.lua

Standart outfit:

For fallback outfits I have implemented not existing "zones" named "Standard" in each Spec-file which is used in every case where is no configurated zone. E.g. I use it for my PvP gear.

Example 1:

Lets make a Outfit for Nazjatar and The Eternal Palace and call it "Nazjatar Items" for the fury spec of your incredible warrior.
So you have to add these two lines to file "Spec2.lua":
["Nazjatar"] = "Nazjatar";
["The Eternal Palace"] = "Nazjatar";

Example 2:

You want to wear the special cape for murlocs in newhome, make an outfit called "Annoying Murlocs" which ignore all slots excluding the back and set the cape in the back slot.
So you have to add these line to all three files "Spec1.lua, Spec2.lua, Spec3.lua":
["Newhome"] = "Annoying Murlocs";

Example 3:

It's not needed to setup the exact name of a zone.
So if you want to wear an outfit in The Eternal Palace the String "Eternal Palace" is enough.
If you want to wear a special outfit in all zones where have the letters "new", make a config like this:
["new"] = "iamwithstupid";


Because of a potential long list of battlegrounds and arenas I use the standart outfit for pvp gear and just specialize for special zones like nazjatar.


You can also use subzones(Showed name of place on minimap) in raid and mythic instances for specific gear for ever boss.
There is no fully list of all subzones for every zone in BfA like
So you have to refer by yourself to the following sites or ingame maps:



Now you can add hints to your spec-files that will popup if your gear is changed.
Use the name of the zone or the outfit.
In that case: Don't use the name of a zone for an outfit.

Just add a line in the 'FlurryVars.MSGx' block of your specialisation like:

["N'Zoth"] = "Don't fuckn' cross the links!";


This addon is very simple and very effective.
I will not do any special development for ingame menu setup because this needs a fully internationalisation
and I realy dont want to waste my time on that.


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