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Fluxy Bar

Game Version: 8.3.0
Total Downloads: 45
Updated: May 26, 2020
Created: May 26, 2020
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The premise

If you want to start using your hotkeys for anything more than your regular spells, then this addon will help you out. That dust gathering action bar 2 will no longer be a problem.

Fluxy Bar works around four fundamental modes you might find yourself into. Yet don’t worry, there is no one fits all scenarios, and fluxy bar knows it. Modes are here just to make it easier for you to customize your own experience.

How it works

The main aspects that Fluxy Bar takes into account when choosing what mode you are in, and consequently what bar you should be at, are the following:

  • Your combat state
  • Your current target, and their state
  • Your character’s health
  • Your stealthiness
  • The instance you are in (Dungeons, Raids, Battlegrounds, Arena)
  • And a few other little things you can customize

Depending on those a mode will be chosen for you. These modes have different priorities, for example Combat will always be the active mode if any of the criteria for it is met. Your modes are the following four (In order of importance):



For actions during a combat encounter. All your combat spells and abilities should be on the action bar assign to combat!



For actions immediately prior to, or after combat. Usually with allies or self. Let's say your healing spells, buffs, dispels and resurections, or anything you want really.



For actions in between combat encounters. Usually with allies or self. This is a life saver, all your food, long term buffs, elixirs must be on this bar.



For whenever nothing remarkable is going on. Perhaps you want easy access to your fishing skill, archeology, hearthstone, portals, professions, toys, you name it!


Each of these modes have an action bar page assigned to them (the page can be changed, and you can have more than one mode sharing the same page). Also, you can have different pages assigned to a mode for each instance type. Plus you can choose what mode is the lowest tier for that instance type, and no mode lower will be active for it. Which means that on a battleground you can always be in combat mode, or be swapping between engaging and combat (More on preferred modes later).

Combat Auto Swap

Imagine you are roaming around looking at your quest log, or checking your professions with your bar number 2 active. And one pesky wild board decides to start hitting you. Well, don’t sweat it cause Fluxy Bar will swap you right into your combat bar!

Any time you enter combat your action bar will swap into your bar number 1. And once you are done with all those boars it will swap you right back to where you left. Take notice that combat mode is the only one which page cannot be changed. It’ll always be action bar 1, no matter what.

Combat permanence

In case you frequently find yourself starting fights, it’s not a great idea to chill down in between. If you are one of those people then the combat permanence option is for you. You can not only choose how much time after combat you want to remain hot headed, but you can also choose what mode you would like to be in while in between fights.

Target Criteria

Sometimes you won’t be in combat but you wish you were. You pick your target and then fluxy bar makes sure you are on the right page.

Depending on which target you have, if any, a mode will be chosen for you. Of course, this wouldn’t be a very democratic add-on if it didn’t let you choose the preferred modes by yourself, so it does. The criterias for targets are as follows, but the modes will depend on what you choose:

  • Self
  • Enemy Player (Dead or alive)
  • Friendly Player: Regular, In combat, Wounded (and how much), Dead
  • Harmless NPC: Critter, Non-Combat Pet, Max HP is much lower than mine, Level is much lower than mine
  • Corpse NPC
  • Hostile NPC
  • Friendly NPC


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